Lumia Cyan update now available for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 globally

Earlier today we got word from Microsoft that the Lumia Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1 was starting its global roll-out today. Right now tips are pouring in from around the globe that the update is available. However, it looks like the Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 are the first phones to receive the update. Read on to find out if the Lumia 625 or Lumia 925 in your country is in the first wave.

The update brings Windows Phone 8.1 to consumers and special firmware for your phone through Lumia Cyan. You know you'll get great features like Cortana, Notification Center and more with Windows Phone 8.1. While you might not be too familiar with what Lumia Cyan nets you.

As a firmware update Lumia Cyan will give you a handful of imaging upgrades, Nokia Treasure Tag support through Bluetooth 4.0, ability to set the range for brightness and much more. Check out our topic page for Lumia Cyan to learn all about it.

  • Lumia Cyan topic page

Did your Lumia 625 or Lumia 925 get Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 today? Check the list below to see if your country/carrier combo is rocking the update. (Note: CV = Country Variant)

Lumia 625

  • Africa – Algeria, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia
  • Asia Pacific – Bangledesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia Trikomsel, Indonesia country variant, Malaysia, Nepal, Phillipines country vairant + globe, Singapore SingTel + Starhub + CV, Sri Lanka, Taiwan CHT, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Europe – Albania, Austria CV + A1, Belgium CV + Proxiumus, Bosnia Herzogivenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic CV + Vodafone, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France SFR + CV, Germany Vodafone, Greece CV + Vodafone, Hungary Vodafone + Telenor, Iceland CV, Ireland Vodafone, Italy CV + 3 + Vodafone, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal CV + Vodafone, Romania CV + Vodafone, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia CV, Spain CV + Vodafone, Sweden CV, Switzerland CV + Swisscom, UK CV + Vodafone
  • Latin America – none yet
  • Middle East – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Yemen
  • North America – none yet

Lumia 925

  • Africa – Algeria, Ghana, Libya, Morocco, South Africa MTN, South Africa, Tunisia
  • Asia Pacific – Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia Trikomsel + country variant, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines country variant, Singapore SingTel + Starhub + CV, Sri Lanka, Taiwan CHT + CV, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Europe - Austria CV + A1, Belgium CV + Proxiumus, Czech Republic Vodafone, Denmark TeliaSonera + CV, Estonia, Finland, France Orange + CV, Germany Vodafone + T-Mobile + CV, Greece Vodafone, Hungary Vodafone + CV + T-Mobile, Iceland CV, Ireland Vodafone, Italy CV + 3 + Vodafone, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands Vodafone, Norway Netcom + Telenor + CV, Poland T-Mobile, Portugal Vodafone, Romania Vodafone, Slovakia Orange, Spain Vodafone, Sweden CV + TeliaSonera, Switzerland CV + Orange + Swisscom, Turkey Vodafone + CV, UK Vodafone
  • Latin America – Brazil CV, Mexico CV,
  • Middle East – Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Yemen
  • North America – none yet

Need more info?

  • Keep checking Windows Phone Central – We are posting as many update articles as we can as we get confirmation from users that their update is being pushed. Almost without fail, these updates begin weekdays at 1 PM Eastern Time
  • Use our Tracker page – If you missed the story, you can always use our tracker page. Unlike the Microsoft one, our page is going to tell you which updates are live now
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Tips, Tricks, and How to – Want to learn all that you can about the 8.1 update? Bookmark our topic page that has all our tutorials on the updated OS

Note, if you are using the Preview for Developers, you will get the Lumia Cyan update as it becomes available just like everyone else. You will never have to downgrade the OS or rollback anything. You will simply get the update (OS, if applicable) and new firmware.

via: Nokia Support

Sam Sabri