Lumia Cyan with Windows Phone 8.1 roll-out starts today!

Microsoft has started rolling out Lumia Cyan with Windows Phone 8.1 to Lumia devices. With Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Cyan owners will get several new features, including a third column in the launcher, Wi-Fi Sense, the new Notification and Action center, and — perhaps most importantly — Cortana.

On the Lumia-specific front, Lumia Cyan brings an updated camera experience with a newly simplified Nokia Camera interface "with one-tap access to edit and share" your photos. Creative Studio 6 is bringing new filters and image enhancement tools, but it's yet available from the Windows Phone Store.

The new Device Hub in Cyan makes it easier to track your connected accessories. By combining awareness of which devices are connected, when they're connected, and where they're connected (and when and where they loose that connection), Device Hub can tell you exactly where you last left that gadget. It will also offer app recommendations for use with said accessories.

Owners of the Nokia Lumia Icon and Nokia Lumia 1520 will see additional enhancements from Lumia Cyan. Already powerhouses when it comes to camera recording, the two phones are also getting enhanced audio recording with Nokia Rich Recording and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 sound. Screen Share will be integrated with the two smartphones, so you can, well, share your screen. And the SensorCore SDK Beta will also be integrated, bringing additional motion and location data to apps and accessories.

Lumia Cyan is rolling out starting today around the world, though it may not be immediately available for your device. Microsoft states that it will be "available for all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the coming weeks."

So check it out, give it a download, and let us know what you think of Lumia Cyan!

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We'll be updating our Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan tracker throughout the next few weeks as we have confirmation of active updates. You can also use the Lumia update page to see the current status e.g. AT&T is listed as "in testing".

To learn more about what you can do in Windows Phone 8.1, check out our tips and tricks topic page!

Source: Microsoft

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