We've known for a while now that there RIM has been working on the BlackBerry Application Suite for Windows Mobile. We saw a blurry video (since taken down), and a lone pic. It now seems like things have picked up some steam, as BGR reports  beta testing is going on.

The latest:

  • BAS is only running on the HTC Touch Pro/Fuze and the TyTn. GSM only, folks.
  • Internal GPS is a go, so BlackBerry Maps and other location-based services should work.
  • PIN-to-PIN messaging and BlackBerry messaging work.

This won't turn your Windows Mobile phone into a BlackBerry. Phone calls are still handled on the WinMo side. Same goes for Bluetooth and external GPS. Pictures still go to the default "My Pictures" folder. (Hey, that's a niggle for us, too.) Music is still janky, and MMS and SMS don't play well together from BAS to the WinMo side.

Obviously these early leaks are a long way from an actual hands-on. But for the moment, it sounds like BAS isn't going to replace the full-on BlackBerry experience anytime soon.