BunnyBeyond is a Windows Phone game that calls upon you to wipe out the rabbit population using freeze rays, rockets and pistols.

Now these aren't your typical bunny rabbits but instead alien rabbits who have invaded Earth. Once you blast these furry creatures back into space, you'll face their leader who isn't an easy push over.  BunnyBeyond has a "whack a mole" feel to it, needs a little fine tuning but otherwise, it's a fun game to pass the time with.

The main menu for BunnyBeyond is about as straight forward as it can get. You have options to play the game, view the help section and view the game credits. There isn't a settings menu to mute the sound which means you'll have to turn down the main volume to quiet the game's sound effects.

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BunnyBeyond menu

BunnyBeyond currently has three levels of play (more on the way) that have you battle the alien bunnies. You shoot, bomb or freeze the rascals as they pop-up out of the ground. Some where hard hats that will protect them against gun shots. Others have bombs that will eventually explode damaging the ground if you don't take the bunny out first.

In the upper left corner is your health meter and level progress meter. As you take out the bunnies, the progress meter advances. As the bunnies explode their bombs or you miss and shoot the ground, your health meter declines.

Your weapons have a limited number of shots that will automatically replenish but it takes a few seconds to do so. This means you'll have to rotate around your armament to keep pace with the alien bunnies.


While BunnyBeyond is a fun game, it could stand for a little improvement. For starters, it really needs a mute button. While you can quiet things by turning down your main volume, that sucks because then you mute your Windows Phone ringer. Next is the help section that needs a little more detail. For example, there is no mention of the depleting ammo for your weapons. At first I thought there was a screen sensitivity issue but after a few minutes realized that I had run out of ammo.

Even though there is room for improvement, BunnyBeyond is an entertaining game for our Windows Phones. If you need a game to help you pass short bits of time, BunnyBeyond would fit the bill.

BunnyBeyond is a free game for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 device and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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