Spend a little time bashing cubes with Block Fun: Crazy Blox World

Block Fun: Crazy Blox World is a fun, match-three style game where you seek out matches of adjacent blocks of the same color. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and offers colorful graphics, plenty of power-ups and over 100 levels of play.

Block Fun does is better suited for our younger gamers, but the pace of play and the challenge of finding matches offers a bit of appeal to the older crowd as well. This Windows 10 game plays out nicely from a tablet and overall, not a bad option if you need help wasting a little time.

The main menu for Block Fun is about as simple as it can get with an option to access the game's settings and an option to jump into gameplay. Gaming levels are spread out across eight chapters, with each chapter holding a dozen levels.

The game display has the field of blocks taking up the center of the screen, game stats running along the top of the display and a series of power-up buttons lining the bottom of the display. Game stats include your score, scoring objective, live, level number and a game timer. Power-ups range from a shrink button to allow more blocks to come into play to a shuffle button that jumbles up the blocks if you need help finding a match. These buttons glow green when the power-up becomes available.

Block Fun

Gameplay falls in line with your typical match-three style game. You seek out three or more identical blocks that rest adjacent to each other. And when I say adjacent, I use the term loosely. Blocks are not piled in a neat fashion with clear cut rows and columns but instead thrown together in random fashion. If any portion of a block touches another (or comes close to touching), that qualifies as adjacent.

Tapping these groups of three or more of identical blocks removes them from the playing field and points are earned. Each level has a scoring objective that has to be reached in thirty seconds. Throughout the game, new blocks are added to the playing field to create matches with. If you tap a match of fewer than three blocks, you lose points.

Block Fun

In addition to the power-up buttons, additional bonus items are tossed into the mix with the blocks. For example, bombs randomly drop with the blocks that can be tapped to explode, making way for new blocks to fall. There are also solid bricks, lumber and other objects that fall with the blocks that can prevent matches from being made. These obstacles can be blown up if a bomb explodes near them.

All in all, Block Fun is a decent addition to the match-three genre of games in the Windows Store. While the early levels have a low scoring objective (30 points), the game does not stop once that objective is reached. This allows you to continue to play in an effort to establish a high score.

Block Fun

Block Fun: Crazy Blox World is a free game, available for Windows 10 PC (but not Mobile). The only nit I could find with the game is that occasionally load times were noticeably slow. Nothing painfully slow, but noticeable.

Overall, the graphics are solid, the pace of play zippy, and gameplay has plenty of challenges. I can see Block Fun appealing to elementary school aged kids, as well as adult gamers looking for an entertaining time waster. While the game does support mouse/touchpad interface, I did find it more enjoyable when played from a touchscreen. Block Fun seems ideal for tablet play.

Download Block Fun: Crazy Blox World from the Windows Store

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