Block the Trapper for Windows Phone, a puzzle of a game worth trying

Block the Trapper is a fairly new puzzle game for your Windows Phone where you have to guide your dragon through the various game levels while avoiding being captured by the Trapper.

The multi-level game has three arenas of play with some fairly challenging mazes to navigate through. Block the Trapper has more of a casual pace to it but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Block the Trapper spans three gaming towers (or modes), a Training Tower, Color Tower and Little Tower. Each tower has a unique collection of goals.

The Training Tower, as you would guess, is more of a tutorial mode but is not a cake walk by any stretch. The Color Tower you'll need to collect keys and use switches to activate floor tiles to get around. The Little Tower has an assortment of guards you have to freeze and move about to navigate through the mazes.

With Block the Trapper you move your dragon around by tracing a path with your finger for the dragon to follow. You'll have various obstacles ranging from blocks to guards to the Trapper. Blocks can be moved about by tracing your path in the direction you want them pushed.

Guards have to be frozen, then can be pushed about as well. The Trapper is emitting a mist that will trap your dragon. You can push blocks or frozen guards in the way of this mist to clear a path for your dragon to escape.

To freeze your guards there are blue stars that have to be collected and a star icon will appear at the top of the gaming screen. When you're ready to freeze a guard, tap the star icon then the guard you want to freeze and push around. To activate the stairs or passages to the next level, you'll have to collect all the gold stars/keys. At some point, you'll be joined by a second dragon to control making solving the puzzles a team effort.

If you get stumped on a level, there is a refresh button at the top of the gaming screen. You can get stumped by moving a block or guard too far or get one of your dragons trapped with no way to block the Trapper's mist.

All totaled, Block the Trapper is a decent puzzle game for your Windows Phone. The game does have more of a casual pace but one wrong move can do you in.  It's not a bad game to pass the time with.

There is a trial version available for Block the Trapper with the full version running $.99. The developer notes that more puzzle towers are in the works and should be added shortly.  You can find Block the Trapper here in the Windows Phone Store. It is compatible with both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

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George Ponder

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