Blocky Blaine: Out West, a physics Windows Phone 8 game that has potential

When you first look at Block Blaine: Out West's listing in the Windows Phone Store, you may say "pass" and move on to the next title. First impressions give this Windows Phone 8 game a feel that a little polishing (mainly with graphics) wouldn't hurt.  While the Block Blaine has a rough appearance, the game concept isn't too shabby.

The block graphics could use a little work and the main character, Blocky Blaine, could use a little facial expressions. But move past the rough appearance and the physics based game has potential.

The main menu for Blocky Blaine: Out West has options to play the game from the first level (the "play" symbol) or resume where you left off (the folder). Keep in mind, if you advance through the levels and hit the "play" symbol your progress will be erased.

Blocky Blaine: Out West is a multi-level physics based puzzle game. Blocky is atop an assortment of blocks, cylinders, and planks that are stacked on a T platform. Your job is to remove the blocks, cylinders and planks so Blocky can land safely on the T platform.

To remove a game piece, just tap on it. The stack and Blocky will respond accordingly and it is alright if some of the pieces fall to the ground below. In some levels, the stack is already beginning to collapse so you'll need to act quickly.

Once Blocky lands safely on the T platform, you can advance to the next level.  Should he fall off to meet his doom, you can always refresh things and try again.  Blocky Blain has twenty levels that increase in difficulty but they can not be replayed.

All in all, game play was challenging with Blocky Blaine but the graphics just felt too basic giving the game more of a kid's feel to it. The physics engine does a good job of replicating gravity and if your not careful you can create a reaction that sends Blocky into orbit.

As is, Blocky Blaine: Out West isn't a bad game, just one that needs a little fine tuning.Spruce up the graphics, add a menu mapping out the levels, and give Blocky a little more personality and the game will improve greatly.

Blocky Blaine: Out West is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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