BLU Win HD and BLU Win Jr Windows Phones launching in Brazil next week

BLU held an event this week in Brazil to announce the launch of their first two Windows Phone devices, the BLU Win HD and BLU Win Jr, in that country starting sometime next week in retail stores.

The phones are apparently the first Windows Phone products to be sold in Brazil besides the ones that Nokia, and now Microsoft, have offered. The price of the 5-inch BLU Win HD will be R$ 899,00 (about $385) while the 4-inch BLU Win JR will cost R$ 350,00 (about $150). That phone is currently on sale in the US via and the Microsoft Store website for just $89.

What do you think about BLU entering the Windows Phone OEM market in Brazil and competing with Microsoft's devices?

Source: Windows Phone Brazil

John Callaham