We ran across an interesting app that's headed to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Board-Express is an app that allows you to connect to thousands of internet forums.

Board-Express will allow you to view, post and receive PM messages from about 8,000 different forums. There will be three versions of Board Express available for Windows Phones:

  • Board Express (free): Allows you to read from the forums but does not have the ability to post or access your PM messages.
  •  Board Express Pro ($2.99): Allows you to read, post, distinguish new threads and send PM messages.
  • Board Express Re-branding (for forum owners): This allows forum owners to publish a customized version with their own logo, name, splash screen, etc.

Board-Express has a search function to allow you to sift through the thousands of participating forums and the ability to tag your favorite forums. Board-Express uses the Tapatalk plugin which is currently installed on more than 8,000 forums including XDA Developers, HTC Mania and our personal favorite, WPCentral.

Board-Express will be available over at the Marketplace when Windows Phone 7 launches. It looks like an interesting way to stay in touch with all your discussion forums.