Just in time to kick off 2015, the BodBot personal fitness and nutrition app has a special offer for new Windows Phone users of the app. For an unspecified "limited time" those users get a year of the app's premium service for free if they sign up for the basic account.

Normally, the 12-month subscription is worth $120 so this sounds like a very cool offer if you haven't tried BodBot ( The free basic service gives users a custom workout plan based on a set of variables that users type in when they sign up for BodBot, such as if they want to lose weight, gain muscle and so on, and if they work out at home or in the gym. The paid version of the service offers up an extra set of advanced analytics and fitness tests.

BodBot is also available on iOS and Android, although they do not appear to be getting the same offer as Windows Phone users.

If you want to get fit in the new year, this is an excellent offer for Windows Phone users if they want to give BodBot a try.

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