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Body Glove Soft Shell Case for Samsung Focus review

For my money, Body Glove makes some of the best cell phone cases on the market. I’ve owned Body Glove cases for a number of the phones I’ve had over the years, and I’ve always been pleased with the products that they put out. When I got the opportunity to review Body Glove’s Soft Shell Case for the Samsung Focus, I jumped at the chance.

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This is one of the simpler case designs you will find for the Samsung Focus. The Soft Shell Case is designed to wrap around the sides of the Focus. The majority of the case is textured, making it much harder to drop the phone. The only cut-outs on the case are for the ports at the top, camera and speaker on the rear, and microphone on the bottom. All of the hardware buttons on the sides of the phone are covered under the rubberized case. There are good and bad sides to this design. The good news is that your moving parts are protected from dust and moisture. The problem is that I found myself activating buttons unintentionally. In fact, when first installed, the case repeatedly powered the phone down without me touching the button. This “feature” goes away over time as the case loosens up slightly, though it was a major annoyance to start out.


Material and build quality are rarely an issue with Body Glove accessories, and this case is no exception. The rubber is thick enough that it makes it soft to the touch, but not so much that it makes the Focus bulky. All of the cut-outs are the right shape and size, though I really would have liked to see the buttons handled better.


For me personally, this would not be my first choice in phone cases. As an entry level case for someone purchasing their first smart phone, I think this case would be a good fit if you can find it in the $20 price range. The rubber materials provide excellent protection against the device being dropped, which can be a major concern for someone purchasing their first high-end phone. You can find the Body Glove Soft Shell Case for the Samsung Focus at AT&T's website (opens in new tab) or your local AT&T store.

  • The at&t store also has this case with cutouts for the camera and power buttons.
  • I have this case on my Focus. The issue is with the power and volume buttons. You can play around with the case, stretching the area around the buttons to loosen up the rupper so it's not at tight. This helps a lot but the volume button is still tricky at times.
  • Just an update to this post.I got this exact case on Nov 8th at launch. I liked it better than the other choices at the time.I always hated that the buttons were covered by the case but learned to deal with it, but it really was a pain.About two weeks ago (End of January 2011) I was in buying another phone for the business account I manage, and I went to look at cases and I was amazed to find that Body Glove updated the case!It now has all the appropriate holes for the volume, power and camera!!Even better, the cases come with a year warranty, and they are the same SKU so you can go in and swap it for an improved case as I did.Please let me know if you want pictures to see for yourself or to update the article.
  • How silly that it doesn't have cutouts for all the buttons. Sounds like the other Body Glove case is a lot nicer.
  • This is the case I bought on day 1. I have the same problem with inadvertently activating buttons while fingers are in the rough areas of the actual physical buttons. There is no escaping the problem, but you can be mindful of the handling. Don't get me wrong, its not THAT big of an issue but could be a nuissance for fussy people. That said, I LOVE THIS CASE. It barely increases the form of the entire handset (size being one of the attactive features of the phone). Its slick and it protects the phone quite well (both backside camera and frontside). I guess my only complaint would be variety of colors/ designs (lack thereof) and well, the button non-issue issue. :) Definitely better IMO than the alternative solutions which bulken up the product with not too much more a return on protection.
  • I got a case exactly like this off ebay for $5... free shipping.the best ones seem like the gel cases off ebay.I cut a hole for the lock button though to make it harder to lock and unlock it
  • Odd I bought this case from an At&t store and my case has cut outs for all of the side buttons. I do like it a lot.
  • Major annoyance indeed. I bought the Body Glove when I purchsed my Focus on US release day. I replaced it a week later. The case was constantly powering off my phone because the covering of the power button was so tight. I liked everything else about the case, but that was a deal killer for me. The Focus doesn't take too long to reboot, but still, that was too much.
  • You got the older version of the case same as me, the newer version has all the side buttons cut out. I saw a customer come into my store with the newer version and it worked perfectly. I immediately went home and performed surgery on my older case to cut out all the side buttons and haven't had any problems since. It's not the prettiest solution, but it works. I'd see if you can get it exchanged for the newer version of the case.
  • you peeps are all suckers for paying $20+ for this case i tells ya you can get a pack of 3 different coloured cases just like this from ebay. you can do what i did too get a clear one and print off your own design on paper and slip it in the back ;)FYI if dust gets between the edge of the case and your phone (around the screen) get ready to find scratches under itjust a warning :P
  • This was my first case. Pure crap. I called Body Glove and they don't make the case, they have a second company make it for them. I wish I was superman, I would fly over there and stretch a rubber case around their %^&ing heads...I got the Body Glove snap on case. So much better and I can sleep knowing I don't want to hurt anybody at Body Glove Headquarters!!