Book of Demons

Book of Demons is a hack n' slash adventure game that aims to revive some old-school sensibilities while injecting some modern flare. Thing Trunk is bringing Book of Demons to Steam and Xbox One as a console exclusive. It's also the first title in a seven-strong series of genre-spanning games with similar design philosophies.

Book of Demons takes place in the stylized world of the Paperverse, in honor to the pen and paper adventure games of old. Players who take on Book of Demons will control parties of three, and develop their skills and abilities using a card deck building system. The Paperverse dungeons are procedurally generated, featuring a diverse array of monsters with over 70 standard types and a 'brigade' of boss mobs.

"Book of Demons puts players in charge of one of 3 characters taking part in an epic, but humorous quest to save Paperverse from total destruction. While the game facilitates the player in every possible way, the quest itself surely is not a piece of cake. To defend the world from ultimate devilry, players will have to explore procedurally generated dungeons, confront over 70 monster species and fight a brigade of evil bosses, including the nasty Archdemon."

Thing Trunk's Book of Demons is part of a series titled Return 2 Games, which will feature seven games inspired by the golden age of PC gaming. Casual gamers need not worry, as Thing Trunk aims to make Book of Demons more accessible than the dungeon crawlers of old, providing optional difficulty levels and that dynamic quest system that allows players to tailor the length of their experience from anywhere between five minutes and five hours.

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Thing Trunk provided us with a range of screenshots, check them out below.

Book of Demons will be hitting Early Access on Steam this summer, with a Xbox One version launching some time after that. Until then, hit the link below for the game's Steam page.

See Book of Demons on Steam