Borderlands 3 'Bloody Harvest' event brings Halloween-themed enemies and a new boss next month

What you need to know

  • Bloody Harvest is a limited time Halloween-themed event.
  • It will add new challenges, enemies, weapons, missions, and a boss.
  • It is set to begin in late October and will last for a little over a month.

During the inaugural episode of The Borderlands Show, Creative Director Paul Sage revealed what players can expect with Borderlands 3's upcoming Halloween-themed event, Bloody Harvest. The event, which will only last a limited amount of time, is set to bring new types of enemies, a new mission, new weapons, a new event-specific map, and a new boss. For anyway who's played through Borderlands 3 already, you should be familiar with the Maliwan soldier Captain Traunt, who's back in the form of Captain Haunt.

You'll know the event's kicked off when a saurian named Maurice takes up residence aboard Sanctuary III. Haunted enemies will also pop up around the galaxy, which are your key into gaining entry to the new event map once you've collected enough Hecktoplasm. Coming into contact with these enemies will trigger a new mechanic called Terror, nerfing your gun accuracy and handling as your screen is shrouded by mist. And of course Bloody Harvest will bring a new set of cosmetic items. You can't fight bad guys without a cool costume.

As for some of the other events and DLC that have been announced, we didn't get too much information on what Maliwan Takedown will entail, but we did learn that it will be some sort of updated raid.

Bloody Harvest is expected to launch in late October. It will be a free update to all owners of Borderlands 3.

Jennifer Locke

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