Brazil's Nubank mobile credit card service launches Windows Phone app

Brazil remains one of the biggest territories for Windows Phone users, and residents in that country can now access a native app for the country's Nubank credit card service. It was designed specifically so that its users could manage their accounts just on their smartphones, and now Windows Phone devices can now join their Android and iOS counterparts.

Nubank uses MasterCard as its credit service. Here's what the Windows Phone app can do, according to its (translated) description:

"The application and the Nubank card is essential for anyone thinking of organizing a differentiated and easily budget and personal finances. With it, customers have Nubank control spending and transactions in real time, perform locking and unlocking the card, and have easy access to the limit and monitor the bill. Shopping payment of the vouchers appear in time on the screen in the application and no need to duplicate print , as will be available at any time in the extract in respect of each month."

Thanks to Afonso for the tip!

Download Nubank for Windows Phone (opens in new tab)

QR: Nubank


  • That's great! My friend has an account on this bank and he says it's great. I'll sure give it a try.
  • Although isn't a "bank account", just a credit card. You can't put money on it.
  • The App looks great!
  • That's awesomely great news. I hope they dont pull it later as some banks do with their wp app
  • USA != Brazil.
  • There is apps from all the major banks here in Brazil, and they offer good support for their applications
  • Very nice app and complete!
  • I never heard of Nubank before.
  • Waiting for the W10M version.
  • Available! ;)
  • Waiting for the 950 and XL