Bridgestone Australia chooses the Lumia 800

Windows Phone and Nokia received another vote of confidence. This time from Bridgestone Australia who has chosen the Nokia Lumia 800 to replace the company's smartphone fleet.

The Nokia 800 won out over the iPhone and Blackberry in part due to the Windows Phone support for Outlook, Work and Excel. Bridgestone's workforce was a little divided in their needs with Sales needing easy email access and managers needing better integration with business apps. Then there was the desire for a device that bridged employees work and personal lives. Scott Baxter, Group IT Manager for Bridgestone commented,

"There was a strong business case for the Nokia Lumia 800. It gives us the best of both worlds - seamless integration with familiar business tools, such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as exceptional design and build quality."

Baxter also commented that Nokia Drive and Maps were two appealing apps that will allow staff to dispense with separate GPS devices.

Source: ITWire; Thanks, Hassan, for the tip!