Bungie talks Destiny 2: Forsaken launch and ambitious future plans

After the initial hype wore off from Destiny 2's launch last year, the game has definitely ebbed and flowed in terms of player reactions. With its upcoming "Forsaken" expansion, Bungie is planning to shock the system in a big way.

In a new video detailing its plans for the Forsaken launch and beyond, Bungie details how it plans to approach content going forward, and it sounds like there will be no shortage of stuff to do.

Starting with the launch of patch 2.0 on August 28, Bungie says it's aiming to "make Destiny weird again." The patch will act as a first taste of what Forsaken has in store, implementing new systems and changes across the game. Some of the biggest tweaks apply to the new Director, which features an updated layout, better tracking for milestones, and much more. And if your vault is filled to the brim right now, Bungie has increased its space by 200 slots.

Forsaken itself will launch on September 4, kicking off season 4, which Bungie calls "Season of the Outlaw." The expansion will start with the new campaign and 4v4 Gambit mode, with the second week bringing a new raid. Players will also find plenty of new systems to engage with, including new bosses and items you can find spread around the game world. Bounties have also been placed on all vendors, helping to flesh out the story. And for players looking for a challenge, the new Triumphs, which are few in number, will reward your hard work with exclusive titles.

Following up on Forsaken, Bungie plans to give players something new to do every week. The biggest bump in content will come at the start of new seasons, which will add new rewards, events, and holidays to the game. Essentially, Bungie says it is pushing to make sure there's "no content drought" for players, whether it comes in the form of short tasks for those who want to jump in and out of the game, or long and grindy efforts for players who have the time to sink for valuable rewards.

Bungie also touched on upcoming Annual Pass content, detailing three upcoming content drops. This winter will bring "Black Armory," which will give players a chance to secure the greatest weapons crafted in the Golden Age. Spring of 2019 will see the launch of "Joker's Wild," which tells the story of a mysterious character that you'll first get a glimpse of in Forsaken. In the summer of 2019, you can expect "Penumbra," which Bungie described as a "mystery box" that will be loaded with secrets that players can collaboratively uncover.

Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion launches September 4, and is up for preorder now as a "Legendary Collection" for $59.99 (opens in new tab), which will also net you the base game and both expansions released thus far. It will be priced on as a standard edition at $39.99 at launch.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • This will be the first expansion I haven't bought. The last 2 expansions were at best a 5 dollar purchase not 20. It's not that they were bad, they are just so short.
  • How many people still play destiny?. I quit halfway in the first game.
  • Not sure. It doesnt seem as active as the first game according to my friends list.
    They screwed us over with this Destiny 1.5
    Bungie keep trying to sell us the same game, over and over again.
    D2 was very grindy for me, so I quite playing - as it wasnt sufficiently different visually from the first game. Why would I want to start over? So much for it being a 10 year MMO.
    Activision prresumably rinsing it for every $$$
  • Ah ok, ill leave D2 in plastic and give it to somebody else then :D I have alot of friends on Xbox and PC and None of them play Destiny anymore. Was just curious if its worth it to play it again with my team.
  • I'm just a casual Destiny player, but I'm excited for Forsaken. I played the last 2 DLC expansions when they were on sale. Much to my surprise I've found Destiny 2 is a much more dense game then it was when I stopped playing. Bungie has also published a road map for the coming year, and their are no content dry spells. Bungie has me caring about Destiny again!
  • If you have not played for a while then now it's the time I be have given them a chance and so far the changes are very vast and will even be more with forsaken