Calculator² for Windows Phone gets a huge upgrade, Windows 10 version coming soon

Calculator² , one of the more popular Windows Phone apps, got a huge update today in the Windows Phone Store, bringing it up to version 4.0. Its developer, Richard Walters, tells us that this version is a completely rebuilt app from the ground up that shares none of the code of the previous versions

Here's what's users can expect from this new 4.0 version:

  • Added a Financial Calculator, with functions that allow you to calculate, e.g. the monthly loan payment for a loan given the loan amount, repayment period and interest rate.
  • A complete redesign with Windows 10-style hamburger menu navigation.
  • Support for implicit multiplication, e.g. type [2] [sin] [30] instead of [2] [×] [sin] [30].
  • Greatly improved load times.
  • Sharing of settings, history, memory and favourites across all Windows and Windows Phone devices.

The new Financial Calculator is part of the paid in-app premium option for Calculator², which also unlocks the Currency Converter and does away with the in-app ad banners. Walters tells us he plans to submit the Windows 8.1 version of Calculator² for publishing sometime this weekend, and he will launch a native Windows 10 version sometime after the OS launches on July 29. We will note that while the app installs fine on Windows Phone 8.1, we have had issues installing the new version on the preview build of Windows 10 Mobile.

Download Calculator² from the Windows Phone Store (Free with in-app purchases)

QR: Calculator²

John Callaham