Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 smashes Activision digital sales records

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched last week, and the game has received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Gamers are absolutely loving the new "Blackout" battle royale mode, and "Zombies" has never been better. Every year, the Call of Duty franchise tops sales charts, and this year it's no different. According to a press release posted on Business Wire, Activision states that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has smashed existing records.

The company posted the following statement about the sales. Unfortunately, no sales numbers were provided.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has set a new launch day record as the biggest day one digital release in Activision history. Digital sales for the first day of release broke the franchise record set in 2017 by Call of Duty: WWII... The title also quickly became the best-selling Activision Xbox One digital game on day one, globally. The first Call of Duty release ever on Blizzard's, the PC version of Black Ops 4 also delivered a new franchise high in which launch day PC digital sales more than doubled year on year... Digital downloads of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are based on unit sell-through on the first day of availability worldwide. Largest day one digital sales in Activision history based on combined console and PC units sold through on the first day of availability worldwide... Largest Activision Xbox One digital game sales in Activision's history based on Activision sales data.

It's great to see the game doing this well. Beforehand, customers only had two main battle royale titles to choose from. Fortnite is technically solid, but the shooting mechanics are mediocre to say the least. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a more mature take, but it still riddled with bugs on consoles.

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  • so, just digital. does that mean that over all sales, including physical disc sales, are actually down?
  • Yeah, sounds like grasping for straws. Digital of pretty much every game series is up over the previous entry. That's because digital is still growing like crazy. Add the fact that this is a multiplayer only game. Overall sales are likely down, or they would have used those numbers.
  • FWIW, I've never bought a Black Ops COD game. I bought this one. And it is a TON of fun. Haven't had this much fun in a COD since MW 1/2.
  • No, more likely is that you don't understand that physical sales take longer to report?
  • Physical sales take longer to report, for obvious reasons. Digital sales are much easier to track.
  • I can't give you the actual number, but... In US, digital's shares is way higher than package's.
    In EU, digital is slightly higher than packages. Both US and EU's console (dgt+pkg) market share is still a lot higher than PCs. * statistics are from 2017.
  • First COD game I have played on PC (first COD since original Black Ops). Excellent game! Blackout is a lot of fun.
  • I haven't bought an actual disc in at least 4 years. I would be willing to bet that's the majority. But I could lose that bet! lol.