Call of Duty: Ghosts update brings bug fixes, tweaks, and new "Heavy Duty" mode

If you are looking for a great way to spend your holiday break, you might want to whip out your copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC. The developers have just released a new update to the award winning first person shooting that adds bug fixes along with a new game mode for you to "some".

The new update, available across all platforms that support the latest Call of Duty game, adds a new mode to multiplayer entitled “Heavy Duty”. The mode spawns all soldiers with additional health, so while you may live longer – so will your enemies.

In addition to the new game mode, if you have been enjoying the “Infected” game mode, you will be happy to hear that the update “adds additional weapon load out options for Infected mode”. Hopefully this means, you’ll be able to grab more than a knife to fight off the living. Your squad will also be able to earn extra squad points during the first five level progressions of the game.

CoD Michael

Pack those new features together with some bug fixes and you are ready to game for the holiday break. Included in the bug fixes is a fix that removes an exploit allowing players to call upon unlimited perks while gaming and a few platform specific tweaks.

If you are gaming on the Xbox One or Xbox 360, new tweaks include a reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus Perk when using a Sniper Rifle and reduced ADS speed for Sniper Rifle Settings. Additional fixes include a field order that adds 100 XP on pickup and an “invisible exploit” fix. 

Are you enjoying the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Ghosts, or are you a Battlefield gamer (or both)?

Source: Call of Duty; via Joystiq

Michael Archambault
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  • Ammm you high? O_O
  • WP central should be renamed Microsoft Central. Just saying. You guys aren't just reporting Windows Phone OS, which is great!
  • +1520
  • All those who bought this game may you have a bad new year! :P
  • Butthurt much?
  • Deadrising 3 is a must own.
  • Definitely the next game I will be purchasing.
  • I agree!
  • This game is horrible on PC.
  • This game is horrible on every platform.
  • +1 My Xbox was pretty much a CoD machine for MW2/3 (I couldn't get into Black Ops) - I was ranked in top 5000 with 2.5+ K/D ratio. But Activision/Infinity Ward really missed the mark with Ghosts. It had a lot of potential but was executed poorly. To me it feels like MW3 + Black Ops with a heavy dose of spawn killing and crappy maps sprinkled on top. I've switched to BF4 for this go around and will probably not be going back to CoD unless they get their act together.
  • Me, 100%! I've owned all COD games since MW2, and when I got ghosts, I was disappointed, even on my Xbox one. I recently love bf4 and love it. :)
  • Is not so great on XBox1 either. Somehow it has lost that "modern warfare feel" to it, and for some reason it feels more like Battlefield. Hard to describe but the best I can do is that it feels like a play station type shooter vs. the 1st or 2nd MW games. Guns feel weak.
  • Laziness and disappointment are the best words I can come up with to describe Ghosts. The maps are horrible. I see no huge difference within a gun class, they all seem about the same, sucky. Ghosts might have been alright before Black Ops 2, but seems tired and lazily written when compared. Furthermore, and I'm not sure who to blame this on, but for all the hype about matchmaking on the Xbox one, I still get people with k/d ratios 3x mine in my matchups, and its really not fun having them in my game, the result is always the same. They are 25-3 and everyone else is negative. Actually I feel the Xbox One really hasn't been vetted properly in the media either. It has been just ad disappointing as Ghosts. DVD player app is buggy.
    Netflix app is buggy.
    Kinect voice commands randomly work.
    Tv integration is buggy.
    Party management is silly.
    Forza 5 also seems rushed with features lacking from previous versions and a horrible interface. The nice thing I suppose is that all those issues can be fixed, but the gaming experience is far superior on the 360. Don't know how the PS4 has been, but there's no reason to jump into the One right now.
  • sweet! add me on XBL pazces84
  • Much doge so wow good graphics
  • Since you asked, I'm a battlefield guy! Find me on BF4 as peterfnet
  • I have this and battlefield. Actually I have ghosts on 360 and Xbox one.
  • BF4 on PC here.. powered of course by Win 8.1 :P
  • i cant stand to play Ghost its just soo bad, i been playing battlefield 4 sense day one on my xbox one even with all the crashes i had alot more fun on that, then i have had on ghost, i dont like the huge maps ghost brings to COD, SMG i have found useless being downgraded so much in a assault riffle game heavy that ghost has become... there just sooo much wrong
  • I agree the fun factor is lost because you can die ao fast in the game, spawning 3 times in a row in front of 2 enemies is lame. And what happened to Xbox ones smart match?
  • +1,427,345,006
  • It was only a matter of time before the COD sucks comments would come. I'm glad people are seeing the light.
  • They always seen the light. Its just everyone gets COD and would like to play with their friends.
  • IMO, Black Ops 2 is the perfect cod game....for MP. I do like ghosts but to me maps are too big, campers galore.....whoch makes it lame in some ways...also honey badger for the
  • Agreed.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • Little bit late though....
  • I still find funny that they made such a deal about Physx integration in the game and in the end, it's only a bit of more cloudy dirt in the MP.
  • Let's wait for Treyarch's CoD, IW's cods suck so hard
  • It works for me  
  • I prefer Trearch over Infinity Ward, especially after MW3. I purchased Ghost and returned it after it sat for a month in the GameStop bag. I'm officially done with COD from Infinity Ward.
  • Cod doesn't suck but some of the features, smart match for one, not being implemented hurts new players and average skill players. I mean I see more and more people going 5&30 then ever and usually there's 2 or 3 people with the opposite scores. What about the casual gamer who doesn't play everyday for 8 hrs straight? Just wants to jump in the game and play for a bit without getting rolled by rapists?
  • Initially I hated it, but kept on playing and I do like the game. If I get smoked by a camper, I'll get payback. Maps are a little large, but looking at BF4 those look enormous. Still haven't tried BF4, but hoping to in the near future. Still have to get into KZ shadowfall.
  • Why doesn't the wii u get it? I got the ps4 and I don't really care but if the older system can get it, why can't you guys be nice and put it on the wii u?
  • Titanfall FTW!!