Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered could be getting a standalone release after all

In a not totally unsurprising development, a recent leak suggests that the remaster of one of the finest games in the Call of Duty franchise may well be getting a standalone release after all.

The news comes by way of the folks at Charlie Intel who received some pretty convincing images of a PS4 box for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

A tipster has sent us over images of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered's game case, confirming the title will be available standalone at retailers in the near future.

Other supporting information seems to suggest a June 20 release or a June 27 release. Needless to say, that seems to apply to PS4, and if indeed this is happening, it's not unlikely that Sony would have some kind of early exclusivity for it.

Nevertheless, there's a photo of the box and a $39.99 price which, frankly, is a bit steep considering it's a remaster of an old game that many have been playing since last November. If it's coming out on PS4 though you'd expect an Xbox One version to follow.

So if you really wanted this but didn't want to stump up for the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, your wish, it seems will come true after all. It's not like we ever expected Activision not to milk this cash cow for everything it can get, right?

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Nah, I have no reason to play through this game again.
  • I get why remasters appeal to some people. Personally, I'm not willing to repurchase a game I already own/played.
  • You could just buy the new cod on steam sale cheaper and get this free lol.
  • If you happen to have a PC capable of playing it. I have a $2400 i7 Surface Pro 4 and it's completely brought to its knees by Forza Apex. I know it's not a gaming PC, but the point is a lot of people don't have a PC with a great graphics card.
  • That's horrible that you paid that much and can't even play the newest games. Just goes to show one of the many ways Microsoft screws it's customers over
  • Lol what?
  • Seriously... Troll much?
  • Not trolling. If I pay $2400 for a tablet or a pc or laptop I expect it to at the very least run the current games at max but since its a Microsoft product it makes sense on why he can't. They are horrible to theyre consumers from Windows mobile to that outrageous price that for the surface that can barely run forza apex to the Xbox one x. I used to be a die hard Microsoft fan but I got tired of being screwed over by them time and time again
  • you know that is physically not possible either trolling or not
  • Well you let us know when you can figure out how to pack the power of a gaming PC into a tablet form factor like the SP4 without it bursting into flames or extreme thermal throttling and I will be first in line to buy it.
  • You sound ridiculous, I hope you know that. Not everyone prioritizes gaming when it comes to buying a laptop. Or a desktop PC.
  • You do know that the SP isn't built for gaming, right?
  • And what is wrong with the XOX?
  • Dude, even I think you're crazy. If you want a gaming device, buy a gaming device, the SP4 is most certainly not that.
  • Hehe, welcome to the dark side. :P
  • You simply/clearly don't understand. Do you think that those choosing similarly (often much higher) priced Apple products can play these games?
    (They can't either!)
    You're paying that much for the size, form-factor and aesthetics.
    Gamers will build (or buy) a suitable rig that often costs a fraction of the money mentioned. Jeeze, off-topic and way out of touch. ....It's like me trying to comment on the (ridiculous) cost of female hair cuts!
  • Dude, you don't understand....PCs, tablets, phones.....Hell..Electronics. I mean.. You gotta be....Never mind, just do some.. never mind.
  • That's Good this is the point, a very capable computer by a NVIDIA graphics driver or card too...
  • Clearly you're just a dumb troll.
  • The remastered version was a heck of a lot more fun than the one it was packaged with originally.
  • I can wait till it gets to $5. already played in pc when it came out
  • I bought cod infinity on launch only coz cod mwr...awesome game with great graphics...
  • Same here, Tried the futuristic crap one a try for about 10 mins and never returned to it. Thank god they're going back to their roots this year. As for this game getting a solo release almost a year later and charging almost full price for it is a bit of a joke. Too late and too expensive!
  • Yeah, that futuristic stuff is way too irritating to play. Glad they learned from their mistakes and are making good games again.
  • That's assuming. WWII could still suck. Don't forget about mechanics.
  • Not for $40. $10 is on the high side and id pay that. I'm just going to play the campaign and stick it in a pile anyways.
  • Definitely shows how greedy they are. If that is indeed the cost, while I was excited about it becoming standalone, I wont buy it. $40 is way too much for a game that came out last year, regardless of popularity. It's not like MW is a brand new game. Was burned by the initial decision to bundle it with IW which I refused to purchase. If gamers continue to express their feelings towards Activision with their $$$ then I'm sure it would drop price quickly.
  • COD has been (imo) very close to trash the last few releases. Halo is halo, doom is doom. Cod needs to be Cod not a wanna be halo, doom, Star name it. Cod needs to be a little more realistic.. as in today, Yesterday, and tomorrow. Not 2099 and shat!!
  • Agreed. Only thing i envy now that i think of it, is God of War. I haven't played it since the PSP. And i loved it then.... Not sure its worth buying a PS4 tho.. Is it?
  • I would've cared about it last november. Right now, it's kinda pointless.