As part of Sony's E3 2017 showcase we found out when the PS4 beta would go live, but we didn't have details on when the Xbox One access would begin. But now we do: September 1.


An extra weekend of beta access is just one of the perks afforded to PS4 buyers of the latest Call of Duty, but Xbox folks pre-ordering now will get their chance between September 1 at 6pm BST through September 4 at 6pm BST.

The multiplayer game was revealed at the same press conference, and what we're seeing is an intense return to ground-based combat after many years of wall-running, jetpacks and futuristic weapons. Sledgehammer Games is the responsible developer, and even at this early stage it looks like they're delivering the experience many in the community have been screaming out for in recent years.

For more check out our early impressions from the show floor, and remember to drop a pre-order before September 1 if you want in on the beta.

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