Camera360 won't go to Windows 10 as Camera360 Sight takes its place

The developers behind Camera360, the popular photo app for Windows Phone, have just announced that the app won't be updated to support Windows 10 when it is released later this year. However, the more advanced Camera360 Sight, which officially launched in December, will continue to be updated as expected.

In a post on the Camera360 Windows Phone Store page, the developers state:

"Dear Camera360 WP user. Our team has released a new photography application for the WP platform called Camera360 Sight. Camera360 Sight was designed to unleash the greatest potential of your WP camera. We have added more than 100 new functionalities, 80+ hand picked filters and enabled support of photo capturing resolution of up to 38 megapixels. Camera360 Sight has a completely revamped photo management and editing system, ensuring the most optimized and intuitive user experience.""For your information, your current Camera360 WP version will not be upgraded to support the Windows 10 platform. We want to thank you for your continued support of Camera360 and we sincerely hope you will find the new Sight product to be the best photo app for the WP platform."

Camera360 Sight is a fantastic app and well worth checking out if you have a Windows Phone and like photography. Plus it is free.

Source: Camera360 Thanks to Duong for the tip!

QR: Camera360 Sight

John Callaham