CamWow shutters on over to Windows Phone 8

CamWow is a simple Windows Phone 8 photography app that allows you to apply unique filters to your photographs. CamWow won't let you apply the creative effects to existing images but if you're looking to put a twist on new images, it might be worth a try.

CamWow's user interface is about as simple as it gets. You have preview windows for each filter and three control buttons at the bottom of the screen. Just swipe left or right to choose your effect, tap on the preview window to pull up that effect, line up your shot and tap the screen to capture the image.

CamWow has sixteen filter effects that include: Sketch, X-ray, Bulge, Stretch, Squeeze, Thermal, Mirror, Grayscale, Valentine, Light Tunnel, Newspaper, Pop Art, Twirl, Night Vision, Coral and Pixellation. Each filter can be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen for easy access.

Once you've captured your image it is saved to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub. You can share images directly from CamWow.

There are a few downsides to CamWow though that may not appeal to everyone. First, the shutter button won't work and you'll need to tap the screen to capture the picture. This eliminates any ability to pre-focus shots. Next, CamWow significantly resizes the images. It shoots (at least on the Lumia 920) in 16:9 aspect ratio and resizes a 2000x3552 pixel image to 768x1280 pixels.

While some of the filters are interesting, the inability to use the shutter button and image file resizing may turn some away from CamWow. Luckily, it is a free Windows Phone app so you can try things out without breaking the bank.

You can find CamWow here at the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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  • It's great for goofy pics with and of your kids. It eats through battery like crazy though, so using it for an extended period will drain your battery quickly.
  • I don't understand, I've been using the shutter button with camwow for days now
  • Shutter button does not work on my Lumia 920 with CamWow. Just confirmed it.
  • I dunno about the name...sounds like shamwow. Looks cool though.
  • Also, it will add pics but not view pics from the phones pictures folder. It can only see pics from its own library, which makes it a nice camera app for the kids zone
  • Just to double check... the shutter button does not work on the 8X either and on both the 920 and 8x the images are save in the camera roll.
  • Yet another article touting a new app when the app has been in the market and available on WP8 devices since their inception.
  • It's not "touting a new app", the app got an update today and we figured we give it a quick review. Crazy. Also, do you think everyone bought a Windows Phone  8 device on day 1? Have you thought maybe, just maybe, we write for people are just getting their first phone and have never been to our site before? Who maybe don't know about this app and would like the pros and cons of it?
  • This is the first time I saw this APP so thankyou
  • Does anyone know of an app that can create several pictures into one, with borders etc?
  • nope... it only applies one filter to the photo.  No borders or stacking of filters.
  • I use Photogrid, seach for it on store, to combine several pictures into one
  • Thanks buddy! ;-)
  • Oh, absolutely not. I haven't had the Lumia since day one and refreshers are always welcome for both new users and those who've been around but never saw this app. My comment is related to how it is portrayed here: a new application on WP8, when it isn't. This could be part of a must-have apps list or a starter kit or similar article, but this article totally makes it sound like a new application, just like the recent MetroTube article did.
  • I'm sorry but I disagree with your criticism. 
  • If "CamWow shutters on over to Windows Phone 8" doesn't mean this is only now available for WP8, I don't know what does.
  • Yeah, that's kind of true. I did feel that way with MetroTube as well. It just makes it sound like a brand new app. Not a big deal, but they're definitely not brand new.