Canada's Rogers to get HTC Touch Diamond

Rogers already carries some nice Windows Mobile phones, including the Samsung Jack (presumably no Canadian company dare call a smartphone “Blackanything”) and we've confirmed that they'll be getting the HP 910c soon too.

The exciting news, however, is that we've received confirmation, based on the internal doc above, that Rogers is definitely going to be picking up the HTC Touch Diamond. That's the GSM version, friends (it being Rogers and all) and it's going to work with Rogers' 3G network. As in: it will have the same 3G bands that AT&T uses in the US of A. As in: you'll now be able to buy a Diamond from Best Buy and from Rogers, but there's still no word yet about AT&T.

Come on, you lovable blue globe, you know you don't want to let Rogers have a North American exclusive on this, right? Besides, you wouldn't want the HTC Fuze to get lonely.

WC Staff
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  • Personally, I think AT&T is trying not to upset Apple by introducing anything that can compete with the iPhone. After all, I'm sure that the iPhone has meant a significant increase in revenue for AT&T.
    I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some anti-competative fine print in the contract between Apple and AT&T during their five year agreement.
    Just speculation on my part, mind you. I have no inside knowledge.