Rogers in Canada Gets Samsung Jack, AKA BlackJack II

Our neighbors to the north are getting the BlackJack II (priced at $299.99 on a 3 year contract, $399 without. Canadian dollars, natch). However, they're not calling it the BlackJack II, they're just calling it the

  • HAHA!!, Dieter you crack me up man!!, I'm kinda curious to see how this thing will run without all the AT&T Bloat on it, I'll have to stop by the local dealer and play around with it, while I'm picking up my *cough* Red 8310 BB.
  • Play around with the scrollwheel on it. IMO it's the best scrolling solution on any smartphone available right now.
  • ye i got the samsung jack couple weeks ago, exactly the same phone they just renamed it the i616