Wireless Code of Conduct now applies to all Canadian wireless customers

Starting today, June 3, all Canadians now fall under the Wireless Code of Conduct, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of wireless customers. The Wireless Code of Conduct is a regulation in Canada from the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that aims to protect wireless customers from outrageous fees, contract cancellation waiting periods, and more. For instance, the cancellation fee for a fixed-term contract can not be more expensive than the remaining total cost of your device. This means that once you pay your device off, you can cancel your contract without incurring a fee.

On top of this, devices must be paid off within 24 months, with an equal amount charged per month. As explained by MobileSyrup:

Under the Wireless Code, the balance of all devices purchased on contract must be paid off in equal installments over 24 months. As of today, because that applies to everyone in Canada, even those who previous signed three year contracts, the early cancellation fee has been reduced to zero.

The Code also has provisions limiting roaming and overage fees. Roaming fees are now limited to $100 per billing cycle before carriers suspend service and ask for customer permission to charge more. Data overages have been limited to $50 per cycle with a customer's own network.

You can get more information about how the Wireless Code of Conduct will impact you at the links below.

Source: CRTC, via: MobileSyrup

Joseph Keller
  • You mean all but quebec
  • Free New France!
  • But of course ;)
  • No, including Quebec. I just got a text message from Fido yesterday. They give me an extra GB of data, so that I stick with them.
  • I got one last night as well. I thought it was becourse my cntract just ended two days ago, but now I don't know what is really bef=hind. But any way, Iam not going to renew, but keep my grandathered 6GB/$30
  • I have unlimited calls/texts accross Canada plus 3GB (now 4GB) for $60. Note that the 1GB extra is for 1 year or until you replace your phone (the shortest of the 2). My contract ends next Sept. and I will keep my current contract going, but I will get a 6 or $7 because I will bring my own phone.
  • Rogers texted me near end of April saying theyd buy me out of my contract + connection fee but they only gave me 7 days to use it 23-31 & I though they were trying to get out of updating the ativ s
  • If you're with Rogers, you probably won't get to keep that for long. I had the 6GB grandfathered plan that I had hung onto since my iPhone 3G contract and I had to give it up to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Initially I wasn't going to do it but Rogers was very clear that once my contract expired there would be no way to renew the grandfathered plan and I would be forced to switch out to one of the current plans anyway.With only a few months left on the contract I decided to switch. It's crappy... I now pay $30 more per month for 1/3 the data I used to have and unlimited minutes (before I had 150 minutes + free evenings/weekends which I never used).
  • I'm just curious: Is there a similar law in the US? Because carriers there seem to suck.
  • it depends on the carrier, some contracts do have overages and depending on your contract it will either be a little or alot.  im not sure if its a law though but a good couple of carriers in the last 2 years have been in some kind of trouble for overages or throttling data services without customer knowlegde from the goverment. now overages must be made over a text message for your knowledge by how many cents youll be charged if you keep using your calling or data option if its apart of your contract if your roaming or out of coverage.  the only thing that really sucks is that in most cases you dont own your phone until your contract is up if you go that direction. most carriers though are moving towards unlimited plans so theres no overages, but you still get stuck with an early contract termination fee if you want to leave early which basically buys out your phone or phones/tablets/internet and the remaning service fees for your contract for a couple of carriers still.  but it would still be better if they had unlocked phones from the get go like in europe or the middle east, just buy your phone and go to which ever company you choose.  we can dream though lol 
  • Yeah it's really annoying, I'm from Iraq and planning to study in the US, I've got everything ready and prepared but I have no idea which carrier is the best or how contract thingys work. And I can't get a new phone because it might not work with American bands :\
  • My contract just ended early.  Gooodbye Wind!
  • Tell me what you find comparable...
  • It's a pity Wind Mobile doesn't have better network coverage in ALL areas because it's a very good customer service company. I've made good acquaintances at WindMo cust serv. I'd still be using them if it wasn't for lack of network service at my office. In Wind's defense, however, we're located in a fringe area. Pity.
  • More coverage and more phones available... But I still can't beat it for value and service where I live.
  • Yeah Where I live were more likely to touch a rogers tower then wind dealbreaker
  • Hopefully this will help lower the most expensive cell phone rates in the world
  • That's the hope but it will likely increase the monthly costs, lower the data allowance, and increase the initial cost of most devices. The problem in Canada is that there's only 33 million people with a cell network spread from coast to coast to border. The infrastrucuture is massive and the return is much lower than a densely populated country like those found in Europe or even the United States. Canada will never see cheap mobility rates like most European countries because of the size of our infrastrucuture unless the carriers begin sharing more resources and agree to benefit with a shared network by offering exclusives like Rogers recently did with NHL Game Center Plus. If they find another way to profit, then sharing the build out and maintenance cost of the networks should result in a much lower cost of operation eventually lowering the cost of network access. But until these companies are forced to work together, nothing will change. And our government has instead taken it to the extreme by offering smaller operations priority to spectrum auctions which nobody seems to be benefiting from. One shared network where the largest operaters contribute the most to maintenance and upgrades seems to be the ideal solution... But I can't pretend to be an expert on the topic either. 
  • Sorry to say but I think it was well worth it the way our carriers manage the infrastructure I read to much about how bad these agreements work out to the end user over the years especially if your a prepaid customer who cant access the same coverage that the postpaid customer has
  • As much as the reality of it sucks, Comango made a good point. Small population vs large area to service. However, the cellphone service providers aren't shy to ream the customers when no one is looking. Anyone remember the good ole $7.95 System Access Fee they used to charge us? They said it was a government imposed fee... That is... Until the government (eventually) stepped up and stated they had nothing to do with it. Last I heard, there was supposed to be a class action law suit against the carriers to compensate customers for the SAF scam but I'm sure it's going nowhere.
  • My balance just went from 120$ to 0$ today. Ill still wait for the next best thing to replace my 920.
  • I'm thinking about ordering a Lumia 640 unlocked for use on Rogers until a flagship is announced. My Lumia 920 is fading. Some days I get great battery life and others it's dead after 3 hours. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the screen. And some days it's really really slow even after multuple reboots. :(
  • My 920 have a distortion sound from the speaker since last year. i tried replacing the buzzer and cleaning the contacts but nothing. So Ive looked at all the deals for some time now and nothing seems to be an upgrade to the 920. In Quebec, no carriers offered lumias better than the 920.
  • Shit that's expensive for a subsidy ive only had to pay 15 month the last 2 & half years. Id hate to see what you pay for just the plan
  • Too much if you ask me. My plan is great for my usage but the new plans are ridicalous. Over 70$ a month for 3gb/data...
  • I got my 1gb plan before big red added vm & cid so im pay the same price for less features & the big 3 took to long to test the ativ s FW.
  • Maybe I'll go get an iPhone... just kidding. Come on MS I need a new 1020 with a dslr quality camera...
  • Will it not increase the prices of phones? Remember businesses follow laws and regulations without compromising their profits. They will increase the prices of phones by incorporating the cancellation fees into the price structure.
  • You already have to pay more upfront. They can still make money back by charging you for the unlock code(which few trusted 3rd party unlock sources will sell codes for a loss)
  • By Canadian law, they can't charge for unlocking a phone if you've paid off your phone or your contract has expired. Otherwise its $50. That may $50 may go up
  • I got a chuckle out of the bill number being bungie was cdn.(343). But yeah they seem to not care they say its for labour to look it up but premium devices(high cost) they should waive the fee. Guess at least their are unlocked customizations of nokia phones but at a steep price
  • Couple of months ago I paid £20 to EE for unlock code of my Lumia 920. But a relative got it free on vodafone. Consumer rights are crap in UK. They can fuk us in whatever way they want. These are the problems of capitalist society.
  • There's no Canadian law that says that. The law only says that the company has to unlock your phone, if requested, 3months after the beginning of your contract and later. They are allowed to charge you up to $50.00, and this, even if your contract is over. 
  • I believe bell still charges $80
  • I you currently are a Bell customer the cost is $50, if you are an ex Bell customer the cost is $75.
  • Sadly know removed the price list for official unlocking in Canada so was just going off the top of my head
  • cancelled my bell contract today for free. YAY!
  • Looks like fido(possibly rogers & maybe other mnvo's on their network) have adopted select a size sim cards. Its about time it means ms could use that as a case for adding secure sim support for wp for banks that already have wp presence
  • Select a size sim cards? Care to explain? As it sounds like you have tariffs set per different sim card sizes lol....
  • No price difference.(aside that it costed $2 more for a secure sim) just it means its a one size card fits all
  • I'm on TELUS. I'll be looking at my options. Don't need to pay 100 a month I have a work phone..... Do I need to be constantly connected? I'm thinking about it.
  • Damn..... That's insane... What do you get for that?
  • Unlimited nation wide calling. 5gb share plan data. Vm caller id.
  • Originally a three year contract term price.
  • Did you know their customers are eligible to receive monthly credits tword wagjag.ca https://www.wagjag.com/login?redirectUrl=telus&telus=true
  • What about wireless code of conduct for US carriers? :P.