Wireless Code of Conduct now applies to all Canadian wireless customers

Starting today, June 3, all Canadians now fall under the Wireless Code of Conduct, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of wireless customers. The Wireless Code of Conduct is a regulation in Canada from the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that aims to protect wireless customers from outrageous fees, contract cancellation waiting periods, and more. For instance, the cancellation fee for a fixed-term contract can not be more expensive than the remaining total cost of your device. This means that once you pay your device off, you can cancel your contract without incurring a fee.

On top of this, devices must be paid off within 24 months, with an equal amount charged per month. As explained by MobileSyrup:

Under the Wireless Code, the balance of all devices purchased on contract must be paid off in equal installments over 24 months. As of today, because that applies to everyone in Canada, even those who previous signed three year contracts, the early cancellation fee has been reduced to zero.

The Code also has provisions limiting roaming and overage fees. Roaming fees are now limited to $100 per billing cycle before carriers suspend service and ask for customer permission to charge more. Data overages have been limited to $50 per cycle with a customer's own network.

You can get more information about how the Wireless Code of Conduct will impact you at the links below.

Source: CRTC, via: MobileSyrup

Joseph Keller