Care to Unlock and Import the HTC Athena?

I've mentioned the HTC Athena only once before mainly because it doesn't look likely to me that we'll see it available in the US anytime soon. T-Mobile Germany, however, is carrying this UMPC/WM5 Smartphone hybrid as the "Ameo" for 500 Euro (that's about 650 US dollars). So if this thing has grabbed you deep down and won't let go, your chance to buy one, unlock it, and use the bugger is fast approaching.

Update: Boy Genius notes that the HTC OEM Version (read: the standard version before Carriers get their grubby hands on them) will definitely work with 3G networks in the US.

[...]the T-Mobile Ameo as it will now be known).  In return for two years love and devotion (aka your standard 24-month cellphone contract) they'll give you the Ameo for a mere €500 if you're in Germany. 

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