Carphone Warehouse starting the Windows Phone 8 hype

In a press release sent out today in the UK, the countries biggest independent phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse has confirmed their future support for Windows Phone 8 and they sounds pretty excited about it.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Operating Officer at Carphone Warehouse says, “What was once a battle of hardware between the manufacturers, has now become a battle of software. Both customers and developers can look forward to reaping the benefits in the coming months, as Windows Phone 8 brings some much needed variety and depth to the market.”Graham adds, “We will definitely be supporting Windows Phone 8 in line with the key manufacturers. There are some very exciting devices due this Autumn sporting the new operating system, and they will be fundamental to its success.”

I realize that all the UK carriers and retailers will sell Windows Phone but it is nice to see the Carphone Warehouse with such positive statements.

Combined with them selling the Microsoft Surface the stores are going to be very Metro-ish. ( I think I made that word up!)

James Richardson