Case-Mate Pop - Case Review

One of the challenges of using the Samsung Focus is finding a decent case for the Windows Phone. The smartphone case industry seems to be hesitant to flood the market with cases but every now and then you run across something decent.

Case Mate has been in the smartphone case business for some time now and is offering the Pop case for the Samsung Focus. The Pop is part rubber case and part hard shell case. It get's its name because it "pops" into place but how much pop does the Pop have? Follow the break to find out.


I stumbled upon the Case Mate Pop! while looking for an Otterbox Commute (opens in new tab)r for the Focus. I liked how the Otterbox combined a hard shell case with a rubber lining. The Pop follows this design concept really well.

The hard shell case is lined with rubber that extends to the sides of the case to give it a solid grip. Instead of cutouts side buttons are covered with the rubber portion of the case in a manner to maintain functionality.  The back side does have cutouts for the camera and speaker.

The Pop comes in two color patterns. You have a red case with black sides and a black case with gray sides.

Fit and Feel

Once in place, the Pop adds noticeable thickness to the Samsung Focus. Not too much to make the Windows Phone feel like a cinder block but the Pop takes the thin, curved feel away from the Focus. It gives the Windows Phone a little bit of a boxy feel to it as well. The Pop fits the Focus like a glove but some may see it more along the lines of a ski glove than a tightly fitted driving glove.

With regards to protection, the Pop does a really good job of protecting the back and sides of the phone from dings and scratches. The case does wrap around the Focuse slightly to create a bumper around the screen. This bumper will offer some protection, mainly when laying the phone screen down.

With regards to durability, it didn't take long before the hard shell started to show hairline scratches and after a few weeks of use with a Ecolife belt case (opens in new tab), the rubber sides started to show signs of wear.

Overall Impression

The Case Mate Pop case for the Samsung Focus is a nice case. If you're looking for something that will maintain the thin form factor of the Focus, you may want to consider the Mobi Hard Case (opens in new tab) instead. If you like the Commuter from Otterbox, you'll like the Pop. The Pop may be a little thicker but the feel is very similar.

The Case Mate Pop normally runs about $30 and you can find it at AT&T's Online and Retail Stores, through Case-Mate directly (opens in new tab) or online retailers such as (opens in new tab).  Amazon and Case Mate are offering the red case (black case as well directly through Case Mate) for $9.99. There's no indication if this is a sale or permanent price drop. Either way, it's a good deal on a decent case.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I use this same case. I'll take the slightly bulky feel as I feel it protects it quite well. I've taken it out to clean the phone a couple of times (dust and other stuff that gets in there). I'd recommend it to anyone.The back of the case is scratched up pretty good from wear and tear. I'm glad the case took that beating rather than my phone. It's a tight fit so it never feels as if it will fall out. The buttons for volume, power and camera all protrude enough so you can feel your way around the phone.I picked it up the day I bought my phone. I have small kids so I knew I'd need the extra protection. :)
  • I've used this case for about 7 months, and the only negative is that one of the sides has pulled slightly away and is no longer tight against the phone. Other than that, a great case.
  • I use Barely There for my Omnia7, I see its available for the Focus as well.All you need, they are perfect.
  • I ordered a Barely There for my Verizon Trophy (which was cool because they were supposedly discontinued) and the company sent me a Pop case instead. I was hot but let it go (this time ...), as the case is pretty good. It is VERY bulky, though. Whenever I take my phone out, it look's so little and petite. Can't say if the Barely There protects as well, but I'd imagine it's a lot less bulky.
  • If you go to the case-mate website, they have free shipping for US orders, and you can use the code "cmchief10" for 10% off.
  • I was thinking of getting this for my Focus. But I don't like how bulky it looked and the feeling of the hard plastic. I went with the Bodyglove Mirage with cutouts instead and love it. You guys should give it a try.
  • Case Mates Barely There is hardly bulky though. Its really thin for the protection it gives.
  • I don't like how Bareley There doesn't cover all around the edges. The look and feel of it doesn't really appeal to me. The Bodyglove Mirage has a nice texture from the TPU plastic and rubber designs on the back and edge. It's obviously thicker than the Bareley There but it gives it a comfortable heft to the already light Focus.
  • This is the case I use and it is probably the best if you want to protect it... however im tired of its bulk so I just recently purchased the barely there. The rubber buttons will be missed since it made it so much easier to take pictures.
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