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Intel shows off unseen black Microsoft Surface Book

A mysterious black Surface Book has shown up in a video from Intel, and Microsoft is keeping tight-lipped about it.

What's next for Windows 10 Mobile and existing Windows phones

Windows 10 Mobile, feature2, and what the future holds for existing devices. Here's everything you need to know.

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has (maybe) been outed for Xbox One

Fan of the PS1-era classic platformer Crash Bandicoot but don't want to get a PlayStation 4? You could be in luck.

Lenovo Yoga 920 specs outed early in FCC listing

Lenovo’s convertible Yoga 910 is nearly a year old, and now we're starting to get a picture of what specs its successor, the Yoga 920, might contain.

Microsoft has trademarked a mysterious 'S' logo for 'video games and consoles'

Microsoft has trademarked a mysterious new "S" logo specifically for the Xbox division. What could it be?

Everything we expect from Xbox E3 2017: Rumors, Project Scorpio, and a whole heap of 4K games

E3 2017 is almost here, and Project Scorpio is the hot topic. Here's a round-up of everything we expect from Microsoft's E3 conference this year, which kicks off on Sunday, June 11th.

Xbox renewed the trademark to 'Scalebound,' but no, it's not in development

Microsoft recently renewed the trademark to Scalebound, but sadly, that doesn't mean it's back in development.

EA has reportedly put Mass Effect on hiatus and downsized Andromeda's studio, sadface (Update)

It looks like Mass Effect has been put on hiatus if this report is to be believed. Another one bites the space dust.

Windows 10 Mobile is NOT dead — but its future is far from guaranteed

The future of Windows 10 Mobile is as uncertain as ever. Here's what some recent changes to the Windows Insider Fast Ring mean for you and other Windows phone users.

New Surface design patent suggests Microsoft is considering USB Type-C for power

A new design patent for Microsoft Surface seems to show a USB Type-C port and the shifting of the headphone jack. Whether the design patent actually means anything is debatable.

A major outlet is ready to officially reveal the specs of the next Xbox, Project Scorpio (Update: Confirmed)

Project Scorpio should get its big debut next week, owing to an exclusive with another outlet.

The original Halo Wars is coming to Steam on PC

Could Steam users soon get a taste of Halo Wars? These leaked screenshots seem to think so.

Porsche Design's Book One is a slick (and expensive) Windows 10 2-in-1

Chalk this one up to names we didn’t expect to see associated with a Windows 10 2-in-1, but Porsche Design has taken to MWC 2017 to debut just that.

The next Xbox — Project Scorpio — may be using a new interface design language [Update]

A LinkedIn profile has revealed that Microsoft is prototyping a Motion interface design language for Scorpio, alongside Windows 10's Project NEON.

Surface Pro 5, Project NEON appear to have been outed on LinkedIn

Microsoft watcher h0x0d recently tweeted out a LinkedIn profile that not only references the Surface Pro 5, but also Project NEON.

Leaked slides show off possible Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 tablet with Windows 10

It’s been a little over a year since Xiaomi launched its Mi Pad 2, and now it looks like the company may be set to release a successor — if some leaked slides are to be believed, that is.

This new Microsoft design patent is unlikely to be the Surface phone

A new design patent granted to Microsoft is likely for the Lumia 650 and other generic smartphones - not the fabled 'Surface phone'.

Windows 10 Mobile could get full x86 app emulation for 'Redstone 3' by late 2017

Microsoft is reportedly bringing full x86 app emulation to Windows 10 Mobile in late 2017. Here is what that means for Continuum and why it's a big deal.

Project Scorpio will play UWP PC games at 4K, power all Microsoft game development [Exclusive]

A highly credible source recently spoke to me about Project Scorpio, detailing how it's going to deliver 4K gaming experiences to your living room. Here's everything you need to know.

What happened to the rumored Xbox 'streaming stick'? [Exclusive]

I recently learned a little about what happened to the rumored Chromecast-like Xbox streaming stick, which was expected to appear at this year's E3. What went wrong?