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Cell may very well be the only Windows Phone 7 game that has a single cell organism as the main character. The developers, 2.0 Studios, has created a game that is challenging with graphics that are a little on the psychedelic side.

Cell has three game modes that have fifteen levels each for a total of forty-five gaming challenges. With each game mode, you try to absorb other single cells to work your way towards dominating the field. Simply navigating your cell around the game screen can be challenging and there are other dangers present to keep things interesting.

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Game Layout

The main menu of Cell presents you with your three gaming modes:

Infection: This is a game of cat and mouse where you have to chase down and absorb the blue cells while avoiding the red cells that will drain the life out of your cell.

Growth: With this mode you maneuver to absorb the green cells while avoiding the purple cells that will drain the life out of your cell.

Gravity: At the center of the screen is a gravity field that rotates a field of red and green cells around the screen. Your mission is to absorb the green cells, avoid the red and become the largest cell on the screen.

To move your cell, simply tap the screen around the cell. If you want your cell to move left, tap to the right of the cell. Your cell drifts as it moves (much like something in a weightless atmosphere would) and you can bounce off the edges of the playing field. The more you tap, the faster you move.

Be careful though, as you move you burn energy. Energy that isn’t very abundant in a single cell organism. The more energy you exhaust, the smaller your cell becomes and you’ll need to replenish your energy by absorbing other cells.

Red or Purple cells will also drain your cell of energy upon contact. The game ends when your life is fully absorbed by another cell or you exhaust all of your energy with movements.

Overall Impression

I wasn't sure what type of impression Cell would make when it was suggested for review. After playing the Windows Phone 7 game for a few days, I found the game growing on me.

Cell movements were challenging in that not only did you have to concentrate on steering the cell around but also because you had to ration your energy. The first few levels of each game mode were easy enough to get you acclimated to the game and then around level 5, the game begins to kick you in the backside. The balance between managing your energy and moving quickly to absorb the right cells becomes critically important.

Cell ran smoothly with no glitches, bugs or crashes experienced. Graphics were simply with movements very smooth. The game was well presented not only in appearance but also game play.

There is a free trail version of Cell available to let you try before you buy with the full version running $.99. You can download your copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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