Cellular Live Tile, WiFi Live Tile, HD EPG Pro free for 72 hours

We've just been informed that Cellular Live Tile, WiFi Live Tile and HD EPG Pro will be made available for 72 hours for consumers, starting right this very second (depending on region). All three apps are developed by Formentera Sunset S.L. and are well rated on the Windows Phone Store. So what are the apps all about and should you be interested?

We took a look at Cellular Live Tile last month, which displays your phone’s current status: Data, Roaming, Speed, Network Type and Operator on the Tile, which also flips with more info. It's a highly customisable app that enables users to really determine what's displayed on the home screen. It's particularly useful for those who utilise multiple SIM cards.

Next up is WiFi Live Tile, which (much like Cellular Live Tile in terms of functionality) allows consumers to keep on top of WiFi status on a Windows Phone, while providing convenient and fast access to manipulate settings. There are a few WiFi tile apps available, but since WiFi Live Tile is temporary free, it's definitely worth checking out.

Lastly, we have HD EPG Pro, a really useful app if you own a media server (or are looking to build one). The Windows Phone app taps into media stored on a "Remote Potato Server" (www.remotepotato.com) and videos, TV, music and photos are instantly accessible over LAN or mobile data connection. While Microsoft (and Nokia) offer a unique way to enjoy music while on the go, it's always good to have a collection stored locally to provide more room for scope and personalisation.

It's good to see such established apps be made available without a price tag. As noted above, the sale will continue for the next three days. You can download Cellular Live Tile, WiFi Live Tile and HD EPG Pro from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Cellular Live Tile

QR: WiFi Live Tile


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • The WiFi Live Tile app isn't available anymore: "This app is no longer published".
  • @Amaron, try it in some minutes. this happens sometime if you change the price. Hope you enjoy my APP
  • The link is broken in the article. This is the correct one: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/wifi-live-tile/80d34407-a4bc... Also, thanks. :)
  • Thank you for the sale. All of these apps are quite awesome. It's very much appreciated. ;)
  • Sounds useful, but I'm already running a custom ROM, so I really won't need it.
  • /spies a brony. Brofist? :D
  • It's actually called a "brohoof", not a "brofist", so I'm confused as to how I should take your comment.
  • thats very funny, i have no idea what is the meaning of these words
  • A "brofist" is basically another way of describing a fist bump. A "brohoof" is just something us bronies usually refer to, as it is similar to a "brofist" except it directly implies MLP:FiM.
    In most cases, many fanbases for various things such as tv shows, videogames, and such have their own "official" vocabulary of sorts, and the MLP fandom is of no exception.
  • thanks, i have to improove my english
  • My apologies, haven't had my daily dose of caffeine yet. Brohoof? /)
  • (\  Sure, why not?
  • HD EPG it says that is not available for my phone (L620) because of region or software..
  • Change your language+region to United States/UK, see if that solves it hehe
  • I already have it on US..
  • this should work worldwide, no idea whats wrong
  • Its working now ^_^
  • perfect
  • Interesting cellular phone shows no signal, yet app shows 3 bars. How is that possible, oh yeah that's the lumia signal display bug.
  • its impossible for a Windows Phone APP to show the current signal Bars. There are some more infos on this inside the APP and at the first start .
    EDIT: ahh, i got it now ;-)
  • So what is the point of the bars on the tile.
  • press the help button inside the APP
  • I see no help button (ie ?) when I run app. It does appear when I click on phone button option.
  • or check the screenshots from the marketplace description
  • Thanks Mr. Keck! Another cool tile I can put on my home screen.
  • good stuff.  not many devs take advantage of live tiles. 
  • If only Nokia would send back my 820, these apps would be mine.
  • Got all 3..
  • The Bluetooth Tile is for Free too!
  • forever
  • Any chance of someone making an app for that can be pined to the start screen for turning on and off NFC? I could really use that.
  • Would like to do it but im still working on an old LG E900 without NFC
  • HD EPG - I keep getting exception error when I try to stream video from laptop to Lumia 920. The video file thumbnails show fine, but have never been able to play any. Is there any codes/bitrate restriction?
  • please contact me via the contact button inside the APP
  • Thanks so much!! Nice to have the words Wi-Fi now on my tile!  Is there anyway to get a double wide tile on the Celluar Data live tile? Please :( 
  • but this ts working, like on all the other apps
  • Oopps!! It IS!! 
    SO SORRY!  #embarrased 
  • I found the WiFi tile to be lagy upon open...take 2-3x more time to open WiFi settings than "connectivityshortcuts". Also takes several minutes to update the "live tile" after turning of the WiFi.....at least on my phone.
  • I have an LG E900, one of the oldest Windows Phone, it opens very fast on it. I dondt know why it takes so long on yur phone. what phone do you have?
    Updating interval are always, with every APP, minimum 30 - 40 Minutes. Its impossible that another APP is faster. The OS is starting the Background Tasks and not the APP. If you turn off the WiFi on your Phone you have to wait till the OS is starting again the Background Task. BTW: you can find all this informations also inside the APP on the first start screen and in the marketplace description