Change Your Plan on Verizon

Verizon is now slightly less evil than they were before (full disclosure, I think pretty much all wireless carriers are evil (opens in new tab)): starting on October 7th they will allow you to change your plan without renewing your contract. I've been burned by this policy (albeit on Sprint) so many times that I'm now the spittin' image of Darkman (opens in new tab). I can't recall what the plan-change policies are on the other carriers, but if if your carrier still has this anti-customer policy in place, be sure to give them the hint that "you know, your competitor, who is looking very desirable right now, doesn't make me re-up." Can't hurt, right?

Verizon Wireless has announced another consumer-friendly change to its policies: It will allow customers to change their wireless service plans without requiring an extension of their contracts.The carrier said the change will be effective Oct. 7

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WC Staff
  • Hopefully Sprint will follow!
  • Hopefully Sprint will follow!
    No need if your on a SERO plan.:D
  • I thought all carriers let you change to a more expensive plan without extending the contract. Is that right? that way they make more money off you. But you can't downgrade to a lower priced plan.
  • You can downgrade, but only after having your courrent plan for x amount of time. Cingular used to let you do this all the time.
  • Verizon used to let you change it around all the time, i have no clue when they stopped - but I used to do it often!
  • Verizon is supposedly also reducing the unlimited data to 34.95 a month starting Nov. 1st. It was posted on a Q forum.. Hope this is true.
  • I wonder if this is in reaction to AT&T changing their policies. AT&T change their early termination fee policy too.
  • I wonder if this is in reaction to AT&T changing their policies. AT&T change their early termination fee policy too.
    That's exactly what I read at
    Its in reaction to the price of data on the iphone.
  • update:
    verizon will be introducing new data plans for 34.95 on blackberry devices only!
  • Verizon is such a fuck up place to be. I am going to make sure that i spend my time getting 10 customers ever week off this suckers. Whether it means spending my hard earned dollars, I WILL. They have this suckers of representatives that give you a plan and quotes what will be your "Monthly payments" and on that basis you get into a contract. They have deliberately made it sure that you can only change your mind within 30 days. Its all ok until the first month bill is paid and the days expired and certainly you see this figures change in your bill by up to $ 60.00. For the same services that you used last billing cycle, you will pay new jerked up rates. When you complain, all they say is that we gave you a "free ride" in your first month. Something that you did not ask for nor did they mention that you first bill has a first month "free ride" which will make your future regular bill greater than the figure they fraudlently present to you as your monthly cost, on which basis you made your decision. They are as rude as they can be and dare to see you in court when you argue for lack of good faith upon contract signing on their side. KEEP OFF verizon. They are vampires