Change Your Plan on Verizon

Verizon is now slightly less evil than they were before (full disclosure, I think pretty much all wireless carriers are evil): starting on October 7th they will allow you to change your plan without renewing your contract. I've been burned by this policy (albeit on Sprint) so many times that I'm now the spittin' image of Darkman. I can't recall what the plan-change policies are on the other carriers, but if if your carrier still has this anti-customer policy in place, be sure to give them the hint that "you know, your competitor, who is looking very desirable right now, doesn't make me re-up." Can't hurt, right?

Verizon Wireless has announced another consumer-friendly change to its policies: It will allow customers to change their wireless service plans without requiring an extension of their contracts.The carrier said the change will be effective Oct. 7

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WC Staff