From Cheese, a Windows Phone 8 puzzle game with a smelly twist

From Cheese is an interesting puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 where you lead a hungry little mouse through a maze to a block of cheese.  The smelly twist is that you guide the mouse by the cheese’s aroma, drawing a path for the mouse to follow from the cheese.

From Cheese has fifty-eight levels of reverse-logic puzzles full of obstacles and dangers to work around to get your mouse to his dinner.

It may be another puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 but From Cheese’s approach to solving the puzzles makes it an appealing new addition to our Windows Phone gaming library.

The main menu for From Cheese is drawn-up with simplicity.  You have options to play the game, mute the sound, visit the about screen, and a link to the game’s website.

From Cheese Main Menu and Levels Menu

The fifty-eight levels are spread across two worlds and are re-playable.  The first few levels are more tutorial than challenging to teach you the gaming controls.

The game screen has your mouse at one end of the screen and the cheese at the opposite end.  In between the two will be a series of mazes you will need to guide your mouse through.  To do so, just tap and hold on the cheese to draw a path for the mouse to follow with the cheese’s aroma.  When you reach the mouse with the trail, tap the play button at the bottom to have the mouse follow the trail.

You can zoom-in on the game screen for more precise drawing of the scent trail when you need to navigate your mouse through twists and turns.  There is a bar sits at the bottom of the screen to show how much scent you have to use and if you need to re-draw your trail, just slide back on the bar to back up your drawing.  If your mouse becomes stuck in the maze, just tap the stop button and slide back on the bar to re-draw the trial.

From Cheese Game Screens

Some mazes have trap doors that open when the mouse runs over a floor trigger.  In these cases, you will need to route the mouse over these triggers so he can advance through the maze.

As you progress through the levels, power-ups will become available to enhance your scent trail and you will have to avoid an annoying cat and out run a rat that is also looking for the cheese.  Your final score for each level is based on how much scent you use and the time it takes your mouse to reach the cheese.

Animations are well done and the puzzles challenging.  The only downside to the game is that there are only fifty-eight levels (hopefully an update will change that).  There is a trial version available for From Cheese that lets you play the first seven levels.  The full version will run you $.99.

From Cheese is available for Windows Phone 8 devices and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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