ChevronWP7 Labs resumes unlocking services

Just over a week ago, the homebrew unlocker tool ChevronWP7 Labs was released in the wild. A joint venture by Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng, the officially sanctioned tool was a bold and complicated project: unlock phones so that apps can be side-loaded for a modest $9. The challenge of course was the myriad of PC setups, devices, OS versions and miscellaneous that could complicate things.

As a result, there were some issues people were having and within a few hours, ChevronWP7 Labs briefly suspended services until the team could feel more confident in the service working as intended.

In a new blog post, the group members go over the history of what happened, discuss some of the problems (including if people want refunds who can't get it to work) and that after some server re-workings, the token-purchasing is back. While the team still expects a few users to have difficulty with the process, they are evidently satisfied that most people should be able to successfully unlock their phones now. Sounds good to us. So any of you take the plunge yet?

Source: ChevronWP7

Daniel Rubino

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  • lol ... i just waited a week to buy a token .... now i have a token and i cannot unlock my device. the old unlock tool recognises my device properly, the new one doesn't. but with the old one, i cannot unlock my device anymore O_o i am so angry .......
  • I have a token but the long line to get the unlock drives me nuts. I still have not unlocked my HTC Arrive. Anyone unlocked their HTC Arrive yet? Any issues?
  • I tried and it says it can't talk to my phone. Tried all the stuff in their FAQ but it ain't gonna work. Looks like I'll have to request a refund :/
  • Definitely had problems in the beginning but eventually go my phone(hd7) unlocked the first weekend the unlocking tool came out. So far so good. To everyone who's having trouble, keep trying.
  • Unlocked my Focus an hour or 2 after it was avail during the first run. Timed out a bunch and then just suddenly worked.
  • Sorry for the problems everyone has experienced. We've identified the cause of the two most common problems "Windows Phone Support Tool not found" and the "Your phone is ignoring us" error.We've deployed a new client that has some fixes in place. It is version Please download it from the website.Again, we're sorry for the problems and hope you will have better luck with this new version.Long Zheng - ChevronWP7
  • Hooray!!!The new client works. My Omnia 7 is now unloked.
  • Hooray!!!The new clients works now, my Omnia 7 is now unlocked.
  • I was able to unlock my 1.3 Rogers Focus the first day this way released... Still working like a charm! Thanks. :)
  • Does this tool allow me to use my phone on a different carrier than it was meant for?
  • Does this tool allow me to use my phone on another carrier than it was meant for?
  • I have unlocked my phone with the good old fashioned way...without tokens, money, registrations etc... I still don't get why people have such an enthusiasm for this seems that it can only benefit developers...
  • I unlocked my HTC arrive. It took me 10 hrs. Of waiting. But when I woke up it the morning it said congratulations your WP is unlock hurry. I was. Happy. The first time I did it. It did not recognize my token. And that took me 8 hrs for it to tell me that. But 2nd time worked. You can only side load apps that only work with this unlocking system. But you can't advance configure your HTC arrive. And you can't side load anything interop. But I did side load folders app and battery app. But my main goal was to advance configure. And I can't do that I looked on xda everywhere and still no.
  • Give me an interop unlock on my HTC HD7 (so I can run Advance Configuration) and I'll pony up real quick.
  • I have an AT&T Dell Venue Pro. If I unlock with this, will the phone be able to be updated to Mango since AT&T is holding it hostage?