Chime in: Are cheap Windows 10 tablets good enough to rely on?

Our community has asked an important question; are cheap Windows tablets good enough to rely on? It's a good question for the budget conscious buyer, especially those that aren't looking to spend more than $400. Can you trust a tablet for which you only paid $200 or $300?

Of course, there's a spectrum when it comes to good or bad budget devices. Unfortunately, most budget Windows 10 tablets are only good for one thing: browsing the web and checking email. Considering most, if not all cheap Windows 10 tablets right now feature an Intel ATOM chip, performance and battery life is not great.

1. This varies widely. Like Android tablets, it depends on the hardware and age. Some tablets get long battery life, some shorter. But you can get battery life comparable to Android depending. 2. For your usage, Windows works fine. 3. I don't have an opinion on this, it's an idea but I don't really know what's coming out to really say. 4. Unless we have specific models being announced...


That might change in the future, however, with Windows 10 headed to ARM very soon. Over the next few months, we should start seeing Windows 10 on ARM laptops and tablets hit stores. At first, these devices will likely be more expensive than the budget devices you can find today, but over time, as these components become cheaper to manufacture, ARM tablets and laptops will come down in price.

Until then, are you able to rely on the budget, low-powered Intel ATOM Windows 10 tablets available today? Make sure you let us know in our forums!

Can any current budget Windows 10 tablet be a daily driver?

Zac Bowden
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