Chime in: Are you frustrated with Microsoft's lack of support outside the U.S.?

Microsoft makes many products and services, spanning from hardware to software, but more often than not a lot of what Microsoft makes available is only available in the United States. Most of Cortana is still U.S. only, with only a subset of Cortana's features available in other markets, for example.

Surface devices are often only available first in the U.S before coming to other countries too, which is frustrating if you're someone who wants the latest and greatest from Microsoft as soon as it's available.

And why does it appear like Microsoft is unconcerned about it? I recently changed my Surface's region to the US, and the experience is so, so much better.


As a someone who doesn't live in the United States, this is incredibly frustrating. We want to know, are you frustrated with this too? Bing in the United Kingdom is really bad compared to what it is in the United States. I'll often find the UK version inaccurate or missing search results.

Users on the forum are already talking about this subject, and it's clear that most people aren't happy with how hobbled or non-existent a lot of Microsoft's hardware and software is outside on the United States. Make sure you jump into the forum and give us your thoughts on this matter!

Why are so many Microsoft services limited feature-wise, outside the USA?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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