Chime in: Do you care about getting VR on Xbox One X?

WMR HP HMD (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft previously touted VR as a feature for the Xbox One X, but the features are still AWOL. The last time we heard about the subject, gaming CVP Phil Spencer noted that they wanted wireless headset technology to proliferate before bringing VR to consoles, since draping wires all over your living room isn't a particularly great experience.

Microsoft technically already has a platform that can support VR for Xbox One, in the form of UWP-based Windows Mixed Reality. Right now it simply doesn't work on Xbox One, but does it matter? A discussion is taking place on our forums right now on the topic.

I was just wondering if anyone had any news, clues, or ideas when or if WMR or other HMDs could be coming to Xbox? Many fans, including myself, are just straight up tired of waiting and have sold their Xboxs to go to PSVR to get their VR fix instead of opting for PC which can be costly.


While VR fans might be abandoning Xbox for Sony's PlayStation VR, the fact remains that traction in VR as a whole hasn't been that exciting. Despite price cuts, new tech, and a modest amount of support on Steam, VR is still far from what I'd consider mainstream. While I was initially excited by the possibilities of my Windows Mixed Reality headset, recently it has been languishing in the drawer. Setting it up, dealing with all the cables, jumping through the "Cliff's House" VR space to load up Steam is just too clunky and awkward for me to bother with, and the trade offs simply aren't worth the effort for me. You might feel differently though.

Do you want to get WMR on Xbox One? Hit the forum thread and let us know.

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