Chime in: Do you prefer the Xbox One X or PC for gaming?

The new Xbox One X is a compelling console, offering the capability for 4K gaming, something even PC owners are struggling to reach without forking out hundreds of dollars on more powerful GPUs. It's an affordable purchase for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality gaming but in a more restricted package. Some may prefer the new console, while others will remain PC fans, but which club are you part of?

Consoles are clearly marketed differently than a PC, which can handle much more and different tasks (limited by only your imagination), and as such can even be used in conjunction with a desktop. Depending on what you feel like playing at the time, it's possible to sit down and enjoy a more relaxing experience with the big screen, or throw on a headset and attempt to grind up the League of Legends ranked ladder.

Now that the Xbox One X is out and offers performance closer to that of today's gaming rigs, I'm interested in learning whether you have a personal preference, whether it has changed recently, or if you have both platforms and use them interchangeably, depending on what you wish to play. For me, I'm about PC gaming most of the time, but do enjoy the Xbox One X when it comes to playing...

Rich Edmonds

So whether you have switched between the two platforms or are rocking both depending on how you feel and what you desire to play, sound off in the discussion over on our forum.

From the forum: Do you prefer the Xbox One X, PC, or both?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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