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PC gaming's better than consoles, but there's room for both in the home

There's serious momentum within the #PCMasterRace for a very good reason — PC gamers are passionate enthusiasts. The PC has been around for decades and every day offers more performance and entertainment than the day before. But while these powerful machines are easily the best place to game, consoles have their place in the home. I'll run through the positives and drawbacks of each platform and where both can fit in your life.

Why the PC is king

I've been a PC gamer since 2005 when I built my first ever rig. The case was a Tiny Computers branded chassis and sported an AMD Athlon CPU and some terrible GeForce 6200 GPU, which I thought was the absolute king of graphics due to offering support for shader 2.0. I've kept up with the latest advancements in chips over the years and it's made upgrading PCs a worthwhile investment to get the most out of 1080p (and now 1440p) entertainment.

Old GPUs

A collection of older GPUs that were replaced by more powerful cards.

But why do I claim that PC is best? As a console fan, you're probably wondering what reasons I must have to make such a bold statement. Here are but a few advantages I feel make the PC platform the number one choice when it comes to gamers.

  • PC gaming is more affordable. Period.
  • Builds aren't tied to specific "generations."
  • Components can be upgraded whenever.
  • No fee to play online with friends.
  • Productivity extends beyond gaming.
  • Older games can be played without relying on backward compatibility.
  • Can be immensely more powerful than consoles.
  • Console controllers can be used.
  • Easily customizable with LED lighting, case modding, etc.
  • Traditionally enhanced graphic fidelity.
  • Take multitasking to the extreme. Game and watch a stream because why not?
  • Games are often significantly cheaper.
  • Modding!

It's difficult to price match the Xbox One X, but that misses the point.

Sure, to put together a capable PC that matches the price and specifications of the upcoming Xbox One X is nigh impossible without taking advantage of strong discounts, but consoles are built to be affordable and manufacturers partner up with console makers to sell components in bulk. This is something PC builders simply cannot compete against. But this is where things get interesting because by opting to go for a GTX 1050 instead of a GTX 1080, you're still going to be able to enjoy some solid 1080p experiences (no 4K, unfortunately), and take off a substantial $400 from the total cost.

Hello, Doc. Gaming and enjoying a stream simultaneously.

And the GTX 1050 is vastly more powerful than the Xbox One and Xbox One S, so you'd be located in the middle of Microsoft's console refresh with the option to upgrade to a more powerful GPU at a later date. This is the beauty of the PC: choice. This is something one cannot do with a console. Own an Xbox One S? Unfortunately, you're going to have to shell out a good few hundred more to enjoy the latest titles at higher resolutions.

Build your own

While pre-built PCs and gaming rigs are available from various retailers and manufacturers, it's always recommended to go down the custom route to some more pennies. Even if you've never opened a side panel before and peeked inside a chassis, you can easily build your own PC without experience or much knowledge. Even bare bones and some more affordable pre-built systems have capable hardware housed inside that only need a powerful GPU to take things to the next level.

Tt Core P5

Building your own PC is so much fun.

There are some excellent resources available online that makes building a new PC from scratch — ordering components, a case, carefully throwing everything inside and installing Windows — an absolute breeze. Completing your own build also makes one appreciate what magic occurs inside a case.

The future is PC

eSports is huge already and the industry will only continue to grow in size.

eSports is mainly being carried by PC gaming. Titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and DOTA2 are all titles enjoyed by millions of PC gamers each and every day. The same goes for virtual reality, which relies heavily on the power of a PC — case manufacturers are even adding "VR-ready" versions to product lines to cater for this niche.

League of Legends eSports

PC eSports draws millions of viewers.

The world of gaming continues to share more and it's even easier with a PC at hand. Not only is it possible to stream while gaming, one can even record for video editing at a later date, upload to YouTube or another video sharing site, and let's not forget communication suites like Discord and TeamSpeak. New friendships and rivalries are formed on PC without the extra cost of Xbox Live or access to the PlayStation Network. (And if a service goes down, you don't lose connection to the outside world.)

Even as Microsoft, Sony, and other competitors roll out new generations of hardware, the PC will always be ahead.

Where consoles fit in

Now that I've put across a number of points that I believe make PC gaming better than that on a console, I'm not about to throw out the black slabs of plastic without a second thought. Why would you want to have both the PC and a console in the same home if one can outperform the other? I can certainly understand the appeal of consoles to those who enjoy using them, and they can even be a viable option of entertainment for even the most hardened #PCMasterRace follower.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is a seriously powerful console. (Image credit: Windows Central)

For starters, consoles are much more casual than PC gaming. Having a console installed in the living room allows for couch gaming, something that the PC is still catching up on. The UI of the Xbox One is just better all-around when it comes to the big screen.

Games are also designed for the controller, which allows for a more relaxed experience unless you're taking things seriously. There's also the unfortunate business of console-exclusives that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo enjoy boasting about. I despise exclusives in any form, but we continue to have to deal with such practices that make it almost a requirement for you to own a console if you wish to play a particular title. (And yes, I know PC has many titles not available on console, but could you imagine playing World of Warcraft on a gamepad?)

You can prefer one or the other, but there's room for both.

It's also a good idea to have a system available that friends tend to play. For example, should you happen to enjoy PC gaming but have a group of friends who are mainly on Xbox One, you'll want to have a console in the home to connect with them when everyone is online. As well as playing with those who reside elsewhere, a console can allow for family members to enjoy their own personalized experiences without many configuring. Microsoft even lets you tie accounts to specific controllers, which makes it all very seamless.

Xbox One Controller Sign-in

Xbox One will even allow for specific controllers to be tied to accounts.

Overall, taking into account the price of a console, even the upcoming Xbox One X, there's really no reason not to own a capable PC and a console to gain access to the best of both worlds.

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Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • PCmasterrace
  • The PC is my primary gaming device, but that's just me.  Play what you want, don't knock on others' platforms.  We're all gamers first.
  • I've been saying for years that it's great to have both. I love PC gaming, and I don't think I'll ever not be a PC gamer, but I've been a console gamer since Atari, and consoles offer an experience that PC just doesn't. Even today, when consoles are basically a PC, it just feels different, and generally offers a more level playing field. I don't have to guess if the guy I'm playing against drops his rez to nothing to squeeze more frames, or if he's got a bunch of macros/scripts running. There seems to be a lot less hacking on console too. 
  • I agree - I have an awesome gaming rig PC that I play games on most of the time. But I also have all the Xbox (original, 360, One S) and 2 PS (3 & 4) consoles. I don't see any point in arguing that A console is better than B console - I'll just buy both and be done with it.
  • Sounds a lot like my argument. Lol I usually say PlayOnEverythingMasterRace
  • I'm a console gamer, always have been. I understand why people game on PC, but, it isn't for me.
  • Personally, I'd much rather game on a console that a PC. I'm a Sysadmin by day, so I don't feel like dicking with drivers, underpowered hardware, compatibility issues, etc. when I want to game, at night. I want to spend my gaming time by actually gaming and not dealing with crap that I usually get paid to do. To each his own, though.
  • I respect your choice with consoles, but getting a compatible system without the hiccups has been much easier than it ever has.  Less than I year ago, I did my first PC build.  It was very easy compared to a lot of cellphone repair that I did. I don't run into any show stopping things, and I've played may types of games.  The only adjustments I make are really just preferential.  Sure you can have a stray game or two, but it's not like when I was playing PC years ago (the last game I played on PC before my build was the first Unreal Tournament). I'd say, if you get board and you have some money to spend, build a PC, if not just for a DIY.  Either way, continue gaming!
  • You must have not attempted to play pc games in a while. Driver and compatability issues are a thing of the past.  Heck even networking issues are largely a thing of the past.
    PC gaming is largely "plug-n-play" or more accurately "install-n-play" now. In fact I find the social aspect easier to deal with on PC than Xbox.   Love playing a game, skyping, watching youtube/pron, and surfing the internet all at the same time on the same system. I use the xbox more for video streaming to the big screen more than gaming these days.
  • The XBox One was the first console to become my primary gaming machine. Before that it has always been the PC. I can see the merits for both, but it is definitely more expensive (in my case at least) to keep my PC rig upgraded. For that reason, I usually didn't have the fastest or the slowest machine in my circle of gaming friends. The Xbox is a more relaxing setup for me and I find myself on the couch rather than at my desk most of the time. Choice is a good thing though and I find myself looking at GTX 1070 cards to perhaps move back to the PC.
  • I went Back to PC as I just build a new one. It's Xbox and PC all the way now for me. And soon Xbox one X is joining as well :)
  • What does your gaming circle of friends use for voice comm? Discord? I always found voice comm to be somewhat fractured (half the people on one thing and the other half on something else).
  • we went from skype to mumble to Discord but we want something else that is possibly less wonky at times., not sure there is one better tho. since we want to play on a competitive level again, its indeed better to have everything the same.
  • No teamspeak? That's for PC mind you.
  • 1050? Hell, an RX 460 is faster than a X1S or PS4
  • Blimey, Tiny Computers. That takes me back
    (insert harp sound and wavy graphics)
  • Depends on the games, you can't do shooters and RTS games on a console due to the gimped controls. I primarily play those games, a console is therefore out of the question. If I would've played arcade fighting games or race games sure a console could work.
  • I have to disagree with this point Rich - " PC gaming is more affordable. Period." I have a number of friends who are PC gamers and they spend more just upgrading their video cards each year than I spend on an entire console.  Also most new games cost just as much on new games for PC as I do on console.  Yea there are sales but people who are keeping their gaming pc's updated to handle the newest games aren't waiting for that new AAA title to be on a steam sale.  They are paying the 59.99 just like console gamers.  I really don't see where you come up with that point.  Other than mentioning saving money by buying a 1050 as opposed to the 1080 and that console manufacturers get a bulk discount. you don't mention pricing.  How can you make a " PC gaming is more affordable. Period." claim with nothing to back it up.
  • The thing is that you don't NEED to upgrade your video cards every year. Also you don't NEED to have the most powerful or expensive card at all time. You can make it more affordable if you want. That's the advantage of PC. It's totally up to you. Unlike with console when we are forced to pay to play online. MS and Sony increased their price of their subscription and we are forced to pay more if we want to keep playing online... 
  • Poor article. I almost stopped reading at "PC gaming is more affordable than console gaming" (it's not) Also to say that  gtx 1050 is more a ffordable than an Xbox one but u don't get 4k gaming, is like saying a soda is more affordable than a BMW but is not as fast.   Talk about stating the obvious.   You also forgot to mention that PC gaming notoriously more unreliable than Console gaming.   Even in 2017 PC gamers are experiencing all too frequent crashing to the desktop and having to download patches and new drivers.   I'm a strong advocate of both PC and console gaming but this article sucks.
  • Ps meant skoda not soda
  • It's much easier to get cheap PC games than it is to get console games. My biggest frustration with consoles is that I'm either tied to retailers who keep the prices high (or at least higher than PC equivalent), and things like the Xbox store with terrible sale prices rarely below retail sale prices. Places like Steam, CD Key sites, and Bundle sites means you can get almost anything cheaply. I can often get several AAA titles, worth $100-200, for $10-15 in a bundle. So while you may pay a little bit less for the console hardware, it will bite you in the arse as soon as it comes time to buy games for it. And you're wrong about "having to download patches and new drivers" - Steam handles the former automatically, and the latter is practically a thing of the past (I haven't had driver issues in 10+ years). I'm not saying that every game in existence will work flawlessly, but to suggest "all too frequent crashing" happens a lot is utter bollocks.
  • Utter bollocks? Are you for real? As an example look up forza horizon 3 (PC) on launch and then tell me there are no issues? Took weeks of messing about and rolling back drivers and issuing patches. Funnily enough, the EXACT same game on console didn't have any issues. Many folks including me are still having issues. You are incredibly naive if you think people don't have issues on PC gaming and think everything works flawlessly. Can't believe some people just either Bury their heads in the sand or are just deliberately obtuse
  • You might want to hone up on your reading skills as I clearly said "I'm not saying that every game in existence will work flawlessly". Cherry-picking a single game, on launch no less, doesn't prove your point. The vast majority of games don't have such issues. And you're wrong about Forza Horizons 3 - there are many reports of it crashing/freezing on Xbox One too. Source: Xbox One forums. I also saw similar reports with NBA 2K14 on XB1. You said that "PC gaming [is] notoriously more unreliable" and "gamers are experiencing all too frequent crashing to the desktop" which is suggesting that this issue is widespread and implies it happens a majority of the time - which actually is complete bollocks. The truth is that it happens a minority of the time and you're just spreading FUD to suit your own biased opinion.
  • You are spouting utter tripe. How am I biased when I said I like both platforms equally??? What a total melt. I'm adding balance to the original article. PC gaming is less reliable than console gaming and that's a fact. There are pros and cons. How on earth is that biased.?
  • Have you been gaming on PC a lot?
    I agree with what schlubadub said but not only that. On console you have to pay to play online. After 4 years of XBL on XB1 it's 240 bucks added to the cost. There are people who bought the XB1 day one, bought the XB1s last year and will buy a XB1x this year. You got to remember that on a PC, people don't buy a new PC all the time. They will just upgrade the part that needs upgrade when THEY want. All I need is a 1080 on my PC to outperform the "most powerful console". A card I can get for less than the price of that console.
  • I have a PC and an Xbox one for gaming. My PC is a core i7 with 16gb ram, ssd, gtx 1080 card and I have a Gsync genuine 4k monitor. I love both console and PC equally. My games of choice at the minute are forza horizon 3, dead rising 4, gears of War 4 and fifa 17. My TV downstairs is a 4k LG TV. On my PC I get games in full 4k with resolution set to ultra and 60fps most of the time. Never drops below 40. On the Xbox I get 1080p resolution and 30fps or sometimes 60 depending on the game. Particularly for launch games they are fought with issues on PC until the gfx cards manufacturers release optimum drivers and on some games even more the after release there are still issues (checkout forza horizon) I never have any issues with gaming. On Xbox also, there are a lot of cheap indy titles as well as getting free games every month with games with gold. I'm just debating whether to get an Xbox one x for my 4k TV downstairs or build a gtx 1080 PC. Which would technically outperform the one x Im just adding balance to the article as I don't believe one is better than the other , there are pros and cons. I also disagree with anyone who implies that console and PC gaming are just as reliable as each other, they are simply not. This is easily provable.  
  • You have a good PC and it probably cost you a lot more than a Scorpio or a PS4 pro, but you decided to go for that. The point is PC gaming can be affordable if you want it to be. My PC is decent. Not as good as a XB1 x but still better than a PS4 or XB1. If I count all the money saved for not paying for online, I could easily upgrade my PC with a 1070 or even a 1080 that would outperform a XB1x and a PS4 pro.  True. Gold and PS+ lets you play some games but most of these are easily available for very cheap on PC in sales or bundles. The point is that this is extra that needs to be spent. F***ing Sony just increased the price of PS+
    here in Europe and we have no choice but to pay up... I think overall if you choose to, PC gaming can be more affordable than console gaming. With console gaming you don't really have the choice. I don't believe the author or the article was trying to say one is better than the other. In fact I think his point is that we can have both. He has a preference to PC but that's just his opinion, I don't think he was forcing it on...
  • You forgot to mention you can stream Xbox to PC and PS Now also let's you play that catalog on PC. Also streaming PC games to your couch is quite effective. A good PC and an Nvidia shield or less optimally a steam link
  • Cheaper gaming has many many drawbacks - looking at you Steam backlog. Also - I'm sure many an argument can be made on the superiority of console gaming, I hate that PC gamers have to somehow be so elite.  It's just another choice, one with many many wrinkles.  You have to make tinkering with graphics quality settings and resolution a game in and of itself to love PC gaming.
  • Consoles were the "dumb" way to play, but now have become more complex, and so PC-like, conversely a lot of PC games and the way they are played are more console-like. You can play either on a big screen. You can practically use the same peripherals with either. So there's no need to have a console, IMHO. And much less having both.
  • I tried Pc gaming. For about 4 years. Went back to consoles. Now MS has and is making sure games are forward compatible. I cant build a PC for £1200 that matches the One X. And i don't like sitting a desk to play my games. And in 2020 when there is a new Xbox for £449 with 32gb of even faster ram and pulling 18-20 terraflops i would need to spend another £800 upgrading my PC that I built for £1200 just maintain power with Xbox Consoles. All the while having all the software issues that come with PC gaming. I would perhaps maybe agree with the article if MS new strategy didn't now exist, but with the sheer customised consoles they are building at such an amazing price for power upgrades i don't think ill ever look at PC gaming as the pinnacle for power for price again.
  • What  a load of bs!! LOL
  • How? To build a PC with a 1070GTX or 1080GTX with enough Ram speed and 6 terraflops will cost £1299. To be honest even a 8gb 1070GTX is less powerful as its memory clock speed is only 256gb/sec. And this hampers the 1070GTX ability to do 4K as well as the Xbox One X which is running 9gb ram currently for games at 326gb/sec bandwidth. That's not to mention the fact that on a PC you will not get the same performance due to OS overhead. The 1080GTX is much closer to the One X for comparison. Developers that have spoke out have also said this. The CPU has been customised and is 40% faster than the original Xbox One S CPU. You cannot build a PC with similar power for less than £1200. That is a fact. Anyone worth their salt who builds PCs will know this.
  • lol your post is hilarious. I almost stopped reading after 2 sentences but I decided to keep going through the bs (just for fun). I won't waste more time with you. Here is a link. Please educate yourself: Oh and another thing, facts can be proven, so post the specs to the cheapest PC you can build with around the same power as the XB1x and I'll tell you where you're going wrong.  
  • This article an opinion at best, but trying to act as if it is fact.
  • I have a i5 rig with a GTX980 but I still find myself firing up the Xbox One for gaming. Problem with PC is it's complicated. Why does my GTX980 stutter all the time playing FH3? Even with graphics set to minimum there's noticeable frame drops and though in getting 100fps it isn't smooth in the slightest. Spend 3 hours looking through forums to find a solution, then find that solution doesn't work etc etc. Very rarely is it a case of booting up a game on PC and you can just jump in and play. PC is a bit like owning a TVR I guess, whereas having a console is more like owning an MX5.
  • I'm a console gamer from way back.  Yes I have had many a PC builds, in which sometimes I would build to near gaming specs to see if I would ever do some PC gaming.  I mean I use my PC for other applications that need better GPU's, CPU's etc...  I kind of got tired always having to upgrade this, get a new board and processor that etc...  Yes I still did it but not for the gaming reason.  I would do alot of work with Adobe, Video editing etc... so the machines were more than capable.  I guess playing with a keyboard and mouse just didn't stick with me. I plan on building a new tower after using a laptop for the last few years.  Now I can maybe see myself playing some games on the PC, especially now that some of XBOX games are Play Anywhere with more to come and controller support.  Yes I know the controller was supported back then, but was still limited and inferior to the K/M combo.  Now when my TV that the XBOX has been Hijacked by my wife or my daughter, I can do some gaming on the PC and maybe pickup some classic games that I did remember playing before.  Yes there is room to have both in the house.  As of this writing, my daughter has a fairly decent gaming PC I built her just for some select games that she plays via Steam that are not available on console.  While I do agree both can co-habitate, I still lean more towards console gaming.
  • I agree with gaming on both PC and console. But not any console. PS4, wiiU, switch all fine but NOT the XB1.  My PC can do and play almost everything the XB1 can. And it does it much better. Not just that, it's way cheaper (games, free online), it has MUCH more option and features. Plus PC has WAY more games and exclusives. I would not buy a new system with ZERO major upcoming exclusives. I wouldn't buy a system to play games I can already play on the systems I own. I have a PS4 for all PS4 exclusives and console gaming. I have a wii U for all it's exclusives. I might get the switch later this year for it's exclusive. Right now the XB1 is useless for me. BC is useless as I have my 360 if I want to play those games. Oh and XB1x is useless for me because unlike some people here resolution isn't suddenly my priority. And even if it was, all I would need to do is buy a 1070 or a 1080 for less than 500 bucks and it would be more powerful than a XB1x.
  • I don't trust Sony. I like digital buying now. And i wouldn't buy a single digital title on PSN as they don't give a crap about forward compatibility. Moving from PS3 to PS4 people can't play their digital titles on a PS4 that they paid £50 for. I don't want 2/3/4 consoles under my TV so i can play my older games. Then there's the fact there is no 4K bluray player. And this years biggest game Battlegrounds. That game is a phenomenon selling faster than Minecraft did and WOW on PC. That is going to be 60fps and 100 man servers on One X with crossplay and PC level visuals. I expect that game to sell Xboxes this holiday. In fact i expect it to sell well past 10 million on Xbox over the next year. There's nothing else like it. It's taking the gaming world by storm. I cant play this on PS4. And 2019 will be way to long for console gamers to wait for it to come to PS4. It will easily be the biggest selling new IP for a long time. Gamers are going nuts for it.
  • Can I play X360 copies of Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja, Halo 3 or Forza 4 on XB1? If no, then don't bring that give me that crap. I didn't wait for E3 2015 to decide that BC was crucial for me. I've said I didn't care about playing old games on my new gen console. If I need or want to play those games I just need to connect my old consoles.
    I buy new console to play NEW games. MS are hardly investing in making those so I guess that's why you want to hype up playing old games... LOL 4K bluray player? Sorry I'm a gamer. I care about games. Battlegrounds? It's timed. It'll probably be coming after few months on PS4... You know like City skylines. It is doing well on PC. 
    And you know what? You're just helping me with the point I was making PC+PS4 is a great combo. Thats because I can play playerunknown's battlegrounds, right NOW on PC and I can also play Nioh, Persona 5, Nier automata, MLB 17: The Show, Everybody's Golf, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Matterfall, Gravity rush 2, Yakuza 6, Knack 2, GT sport... this year. Can't do any of that with MS consoles even if you wait years... LOL
  • Battlegrounds will be in Game Preview for over a year. The Game preview is not a launch. The game will launch holiday 2018. But it hits as Game Preview this holiday. So PS4 won't get the game till after its official launch, which is Holiday 2018. So no PS4 cannot receive the game till after that. As its a launch exclusive for Xbox One. So 2019 earliest for PS4. And even then the developer has said they will look at other device options after the game has released next year on Xbox. Meaning work hasn't even started on the PS4 version. Because all resources are optimizing the One S and One X version. Which they are also looking at the One X version having Crossplay with PC as it has enough power. My point still stands that Sony don't give a care about their customers. MS are making an effort to make sure Console gamers have the same as PC gamers and can play their games forever. Across all their consoles. Sony have had 3 years to do the same. But would rather charge people who already paid £50 6 years ago for Uncharted 2 again on PSN now to play the game on PS4. That's disgusting. And yes actually Halo 3 is coming. Confirmed. And I'm sure Forzas will arrive. We just had Tomb Raider Underworld, and 5 more games recently. The list is now over 500 games BC. And continues to grow monthly. And now even Original Xbox titles. It makes investing in Xbox Live as a service much more valuable. It's awesome if you want to play MS exclusives on the Windows 10 platform . MS give you that option. And I'm sure MS thankyou for your custom, and you play all your 3rd party games on your PC. That's cool you if you enjoy that. Personally i was a little pissed off in 2013 that MS didn't make the One more powerful. So I'm actually glad that now every 3-4 years we get an option to buy a new upgrade Xbox. Giving Console gamers the choice to upgrade when they want just like PC gamers. And it means Console gamers aren't left in the past all the time for technology. If one so chooses. It's an incredibly exciting times for consoles, and to be able to play a game like F1 2017 with complete parity to PC at 4K ( I love F1 ) is just amazing for example. In particular for story driven games more visuals and power is only a good thing. It enhances storytelling. If it was just a case 4K at medium pc settings, i can see why people wouldn't be so bothered. But MS have made a real effort to give their consoles real power for £. I've seen the visuals on a 1070GTX PC and Forza Horizon 3 looked beautiful in 4K on High settings. To know the One X will do more than that is amazing. The great thing with MS is choice. PC, console they are embracing it all. And that means we can all game together regardless of format. There's many though that don't PC game. And are console only. And 3rd party games are going to look ALOT better on One X than PS4 Pro. Here's the latest in a growing list of titles with Ultra PC settings.
  • wow, so much corporate fan bs compressed into such a small space. It was tough to read your bs, lies and other nonsense. I'm not sure what is your point about playerunknown's battlegrounds. PS4 will probably get the few months after it's XB1 release. Like I said it's on PC at the moment even if it's the early access.
    It looks like you've only known or start talking of this game since it's releasing on XB1 a little before the PS4. LOL Next you just go on and on about a FEATURE. BC that mostly lets you play arcade games. You lie (once again) when you say "The list is now over 500 games BC" MS care for it's users? These people are hardly making any games for their fanbase probably because it's too expensive to make new games. So what they do is gives you old games (with game pass and BC)... LOL Oh, and they also invest money to delay small indie games on other platforms so that their fans (like you) can brag about it on the internet... LOL LOL Now you're pissed that the XB1 wasn't powerful enough. So did you complain about it since 2013? Did you get a PS4 since it was more powerful? I hardly doubt that as you are a known liar and you probably change your story as you go along... :) It's funny how you talk about playing games forever. Can I play Project spark, xbox fitness, AOE Online? 
    I can play ALL my old games so I also can play "forever" whatever that means... After that you start talking about POWER, RESOLUTION...blah blah blah 
    Most of the people I see excited about this console aren't PC, PS or Nintendo gamers. They happen to be XB1 gamers. The same people who played games at the lower resolution. Resolution suddenly became my priority. Games are always my priority and that's why I'm talking of PC/PS4.
    If resolution is the priority then I'll upgrade my PC. I can upgrade whatever and whenever I want. That's REAL freedom and choice. LOL
  • I talk about Battlegrounds because its the fastest selling new IP of the generation. And that's on the PC. Which never happens. On Xbox later this year when it hits Game Preview it will sell faster than that. It's a once every 20 years phenomenon game. Like Minecraft, GTA. Alot of people are starting to talk about it and how its gonna sell Xboxs this year. As I said even if it comes months after it Launches on Xbox One that is still 2019. It's official FULL release is Holdiay 2018 on Xbox One. Game Preview is not considered a launch. Even though its the full game. Battlegrounds will sell over 20 million by years end across PC and Xbox One. This years biggest game by a mile. It's almost at 6 million on PC now. That never happens with PC sales. only WOW and Minecraft have done that in the last 20 years PC gaming. Actually there are alot of PS players annoyed with Sony about the power of Xbox. Because its much more than Resolution. The difference is on alot of games moving forward medium pc settings on PS4 Pro vs Ultra settings on One X. All while native 4 K is also achieved. Then there's better draw distance, locked on Vsync. It's so much more than resolution. Games will look so much more superior. Matching top end PCs as we have seen from devs with games like Fortnite, F1 2017, Ark Survival. EA have also said they will be announcing what other improvements besides resolution Battlefront 2 will have on One X closer to its release. The problem for alot of Sony fanboys is you weren't expecting it to hit 4K. Let alone 4k with ultra pc settings. The DF analysis of games going forward is going to look very lopsided compared to the usual small differences we normally see between console versions. Go and play a PC game on medium settings at checkerboard 4K then play the same fame on Native 4K and ultra pc settings. The difference is absolutely massive. Also on the did i get a Ps4 due to complaining. No I didn't. Because it was also underpowered. The difference between One S and Ps4 isn't as big as medium to ultra pc settings. It was resolution by 900p to 1080p and that's been it. And you jeep saying MS have nothing to play exclusively. 90% of gamers based on console sales vs PC sales show that they don't game on PC. I'm one of them. So there are over 30 games I've bought this gen that I couldn't play on PS4. I love racing, 2D, fighting games to name a few genres where Xbox has games way beyond anything the PS4 has. Therefore id be missing out massively. Ori is one of the best franchises I've ever played period. Right up there with Mario. Forza Motorsport Imo kills GT. And there is no arcade game that touches Horizon. Killer Instinct has been played by more than 7 million people as of Jan 2016. And its still massively populated today. Will of the Wisps is my most anticipated game this year. Nothing on PS competes with it for me. Not even close. These are just some examples. As moat gamers don't have a gaming PC as games sales show most of us have lots of exclusives on Xbox console that means PS just isn't for us.
  • Most of the things you're talking about playerunknown's battlegrounds is speculation and prediction. I'm not a fortune teller so we'll see. But didn't you even read what I said? I talked about PC/PS4 combo. So I don't need to wait for a XB1 version. Whenever it's released on XB1, PS4 players who wants to play it may just have to wait few weeks or months. 
    Not really such a big deal. "Actually there are alot of PS players annoyed with Sony about the power of Xbox."
    Why don't you post a link of these PS players? Your bs is getting old. Just provide proof... A lot of the stuff you wrote in the end is bs. I won't even respond to that. I'll just say I can play most of the games you're talking about with the PC/PS4 combo. That's what this topic was all about. The only reason why you talk about most of the stuff is because MS is coming out with the new XB1x. That's it. The opinion of you and other MS/XB fans is based on what MS do. Nothing else... LOL My initial comment was about PC/PS4 combination but you wanted to move this into a "XB1x" thing... LOL
    I don't care of Scorpio, my priority isn't power. And even if it was my PC could kill the scorpio RIGHT NOW with an upgrade of less than 500 bucks... LOL
  • Your comments alone here and in the past show your annoyed. Every time someone posts that its just resolution or its only small knows exactly what they are trying to do. They are trying to post misinformation in the hope someone will look at their comment and "think" the One X is just a mid gen upgrade like PS4 Pro. Your PC may be able to. But the 90% of gamers out there who don't have a gaming PC have to choose. And One X is clearly the beat option for 3rd party games, MS exclusives and all round media entertainment. If you want the best version of Fortnite? Get a One X. Battlefront 2? One X. Anthem? One X. Red Dead Redemption 2? One X. Battlegrounds? One X. Etc etc. As a console only owner now PS4 is just good for some exclusives. And I can wait till its £69.99 to pick it up cheap in the future like I did the PS3 to play it for 18 months if I wish for those games then give it to my cousin. It's just to much of a gap to recommend PS4 for 3rd Party content now. Especially considering you can get £1200 PC level visuals by spending £449 on a One X. And have no hassle with drivers, software and the like. The reason why i answered tour first post was your obvious statement against Xbox and MS. For absolutely no reason. You could have just stated that you choose to play MS games on PC. But that's not what you did. You tried to put MS down and Xbox. And then wonder why someone called you out??
  • I'm annoyed with lying company fans like you who post bs to promote their beloved company.
    I'm not annoyed by resolution. LOL
    Give me games over resolution ANY DAY!! :) So far we haven't seen ANYTHING when it comes to benchmark with other platforms. All you have been doing is spreading bs in the hope that people will believe you. Personally I'll tell EVERYONE reading this. Don't believe what Richard Loveridge ever say. Just wait for actual benchmark to make up your mind regarding the performance of this new console. You keep talking BS with how XB1x is equivalent to a £1200 PC which is ANOTHER of your bs lies. You keep saying that "X is clearly the beat option for 3rd party games" when that is just a preference or opinion.  You are spreading this with ZERO benchmark comparing it to actual PC or PS4 pro... Let's look at it this way. Most of the people hyping this thing over the internet are MS/XB fans who mostly played on XB1 (lower resolution). At this stage for this people it's not about resolution or ultra settings, it's about BRAND LOYALTY. IF MS released a weaker console, odds are you would have still bought it... LOL Now tell me, who are the going to buy this thing? 
    PC gamers? Why they probably have a more powerful machine as of now, or probably just need to upgrade their graphic card for less than the cost of the scorpio to outperform it (my case).
    Nintendo gamers? LOL graphics and "ultra settings". They care more about their games and gameplay to care about resolution and little more effects on their games. 
    PS gamers? Why would they go to a platform with hardly any exclusives? They'll miss out on SO MANY exclusives and upcoming exclusives. 
    Casual gamers? LOL Can you see casuals paying 500 bucks for resolution and "ultra settings"? It's probably mostly going to be MS/XB fans like you going for it because of brand loyalty. Show me non-XB/MS fans excited about XB1x. Show me people who don't have a XB1 going to buy this.
  • If you can build one. Including the cost of a separate 4K bluray player under my TV or one I built into my PC. And don't forget ill need a 4K monitor and ALL the accessories. Which 90% of builds always don't include. They just include the basic tower stuff.
  • you posted a config from some retailer? LOL Ok I'll just take the parts of your PC and get amazon prices.  Total is £983 
    A lot less than the £1200 you're talking about.
    Also you got to keep in mind we can get each of these for a LOT CHEAPER. We can also get lesser parts that will still outperform the XB1x. 1) You do know you don't need a ultra blu ray player to play games?
    You said: "You cannot build a PC with similar power for less than £1200. That is a fact."
    You talked about power. You don't need a drive to play games on PC.
    That's the great thing about PC. You have a choice. You are not forced with a Ultra BR player. 2) I picked a controller over a M+kb. Again it doesn't make it more or less powerful. 3) You don't need a 4K monitor. You DO know we can connect a PC to a TV right? Intel Core i5-7400 (£158) Asus Prime Z270-P Intel Z270 (£107.98) Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 (£122) GeForce GTX 1070 (£390) Kolink KL-600 600W '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply (£41) Raijintek Aidos Direct Contact CPU Cooler (£19) Seagate BarraCuda 1TB (£39) Windows 10 (£75) Controller xbox 360 (£31)   There. I exposed you and proved your "fact" wrong. I hope you learned something. LOL
  • You have to match the One X exactly or better it. You haven't done that. You have left no with no 4K bluray player. And hello. The majority of us with families can't connect our TVs to our PCs you idiot. We aren't all spotty kids living in a single room. Or rich that we can buy another 4K TV just for our study. We can't have wires trailing across our living room to the TV. Or losing latency by sending the image wirelessly. You have proved nothing. You have proved you can build a tower for £983. And have nothing to view it on and have no 4K bluray player. A PC is not practical to sit next to our TVs. Our wives wouldn't want it, and our kids would make it impossible. Unless you can build me a PC that can sit under my TV like a One X and have the same or more power and a 4K bluray player its bot worth it. You can't build something and claim it can replace a One X when your leaving off features and asking me to somehow connect it to my TV when I want to play games. The usual typical dumb internet. Thinking we all live in a basement.
  • You have to match the One X exactly or better it. You haven't done that. You have left no with no 4K bluray player. And hello. The majority of us with families can't connect our TVs to our PCs you idiot. We aren't all spotty kids living in a single room. Or rich that we can buy another 4K TV just for our study. We can't have wires trailing across our living room to the TV. Or losing latency by sending the image wirelessly. You have proved nothing. You have proved you can build a tower for £983. And have nothing to view it on and have no 4K bluray player. A PC is not practical to sit next to our TVs. Our wives wouldn't want it, and our kids would make it impossible. Unless you can build me a PC that can sit under my TV like a One X and have the same or more power and a 4K bluray player its bot worth it. You can't build something and claim it can replace a One X when your leaving off features and asking me to somehow connect it to my TV when I want to play games. The usual typical dumb internet. Thinking we all live in a basement.
  • 1) YOU said: "You cannot build a PC with similar power for less than £1200. That is a fact." YOU talked about POWER. We are talking GAMING and specs not non-gaming featured that MS force on you. There are so many features available on PC that is not available on the XB1, I'm not asking your XB1 to do what a PC can do. LOL You don't need a blu-ray drive to play PC games. PERIOD.  LOL you seem to be ignorant when it comes to PC gaming. There are many ways of get the output of your PC on your TV. You can look it up... LOL If you can't do it in your house because it's not convenient for you, that's your problem. Again YOU are talking about POWER.  If you want to talk about your problems with your wife or your kids, or that your living room is too tiny or you're too ignorant to know all possible options. We are not here to discuss your personal problems in life, we are talking about the GAMING POWER between 2 machines. Steam Link, Nvidia Shield, Steam In-Home Streaming... If you have a samsung UHD TV you can use the Steam Link streaming app. You can even get a mini case/card if you have a tiny living room. There are so many options available but you XB/MS fan is just clueless and ignorant about such things. There. You're welcome. You learn every day... LOL
  • your comment shows your true colours. i don't need to say anymore. Cherrypicking and cutting things down is something you always to fit an agenda. What you should be saying is it costs £1299. But if you are LUCKY enough to be able to hook the PC up to your front room tv, then you can take that price off. And if you don't care for playing 4K bluray movies then you can take that price off. But please don't talk about steaming. latency is terrible. There is a reason why Game Pass is download and not streaming. Streaming signals, images it anything is BAD for gaming full stop. 
  • LOL Once again you're showing how ignorant you are. You are comparing streaming on the internet to something like steam link!! HA HA HA YOU were talking and comparing power not me of 2 machines and now you're moving the goalpost saying how you're imaginary wife and kids won't allow you to have a mini PC in your tiny imaginary living room. Like I said the power of XB1x and a PC has nothing to do with your imaginary personal problems. Bringing non-gaming feature is even more dumb as that as nothing to do with POWER.  
  • streaming from device to device increase latency. That's a FACT. There's no personal problems pal. i know a few big PC gamers. And they ALL don't link their PCs to their front room Tvs because its NOT practical. Sure a few Gaming couples out there will. And some single dudes living on their own. But it is not practical in a family environment. It's got nothing to with personal issues. It's called being respectful of those around you in a family environment. 
  • Since you're new to this and seem a bit clueless, I'll explain it to you again. When we are comparing the power or benchmark two machines we are not using subjective preference of people or non-gaming features to compare what these machines can do. When digital foundry compare hardware, they don't say "Oh but on this machine you have mouse and kb support so it's better" or "Oh but on this machine you can dance around kinect".  No, they don't. They are comparing actual POWER and how similar games perform on both machines at equivalent setting. This is how power of machines are compared. This is how hardware is benchmarked. There I taught you something about benchmarking... You're welcome... :)
  • I just recently snagged an Xbone off Craigslist for $90. The reason though, I can't play madden on my PC 😭  C'mon EA!!!
  • I'm a PC-only gamer and I'm sad that I can't play more than the first two Halo games.  :-( However, I've recently built a PC that will play any game that is out there, and I'm sincerely interested in any suggestions you all might have for games that I'd be interested in. I started a thread located here: indicating the kind of games that I enjoy, and I'm sure you all have some excellent suggestions for me to look forward to.  ;-) Do you think there will EVER be a PC emulator that will allow a PC gamer to play the rest of the Halo games (e.g. - Halo 3, 4, 5) on a PC? Boy, I'm sure hoping there will be, but I'm not holding my breath. I just don't want to have two different computer systems to play games. Thank you in advance, everyone, for your suggestions. Game ON!!!!  :-)    
  • I think there is emulator that lets you play 3 and 4. Personally I feel they'll have all these on PC quite soon. I'm guessing when Halo 6 comes around. But since you're a single player type of gamer I wouldn't expect too much of Halo 5. The critics have been trashing the story and how it's went downhill after 3. Metacritic scores shows that the last 2 main games got the worst critics. Both made by 343i. About the suggestion of games I would say Far cry, Metro or Wolfenstein serie...
  • But the fans would argue Halo 4 is the best campaign of them all. 5 story is not the issue. The story ( if you can understand it is great ) its the missing info that reviewers didn't like. Things they didn't know why was happening. As you have to read the lore to understand. But the campaign gameplay, level design and story itself is great.
  • I'm not talking of your opinion. I'm not talking of the opinion of a MS/XB fan. I'm talking of the average scores of professional gaming journalists and reviewers. Metacritic scores:
    Bungie's Halos:

    Halo: Combat Evolved: 97
    Halo 2: 95
    Halo 3: 94 343i's Halos
    Halo 4: 87
    Halo MCC: 85
    Halo 5: 84 I'm trying to warn the guy about the current Halo games. Numbers don't lie. 
  • If Metacritic mattered then asked would change. Halo 4 sold exactly the same as Reach and more than 2 and Halo CE. The odd one out being 3. Which came at a time where it was the only game FPS console online players played. There was no COD4 out. No Battlefield and no competition period. It was the game people played on Console online for shooters. Halo 5 will hit 9 million sold no problem as well. It's over 5 million sold physical ( remember last gen digital sales were only about 10% of sales on 360 ) and halo 5 is the best selling digital game on Xbox Live. So being conservative and saying 30% of sales are digital takes it to over 7 million. Which launches aligned makes Halo 5 faster selling than Reach and Halo 4. Halo 5 will easily sell 2 million in the next 3-4 years to align with the others. And before you say bundles. Every single Halo has been bundled including Halo CE. Review scores are the single dumbest thing for films and Games. Sales show what people like and think. Destiny got terrible reviews, but that doesn't stop millions claiming its the best shooter ever. Saleswise it doesn't matter what so called gaming critics think. Metaceitic was created for fanboys who needed something for their System wars. Instead of having their own viable opinion. Nintendo games completely destroy Sony and MS review wise. Yet they are at the bottom of the run sales wise. I actually haven't looked at a review for Gears, Forza or Halo since probably the first iterations of those games. I've always liked them. Always bought them. And loved them every time. I don't need a review to tell me if ill like a game.
  • LOL You seem confused. Ratings doesn't relate to sale. A well selling game doesn't mean the game is good or bad.  I didn't even read parts of your comment when you bring sales in...
    If sales equates to quality, will you say PS4 is much better than XB1? lol Metacritic is a an average score of professional gaming journalists and reviewers. This has nothing to do with console wars. Its not a sure thing because game quality is subjective but it does give an indication of how gaming professionals (not company fans like you) rates a game.  IT is FAR less bias than what you are saying...
  • I'm sorry gaming journalism is very far from professional. It's widely regarded as embarrassing. And clickbait reviews or articles.
  • Professionals as in making a living out of this, unlike silly company fans. Widely regarded? By who company fans like you? LOL
  • Just come across another title that shows just how powerful the One X is.
  • Did you see the news that X can't do Killing Floor 2 at 4k with significant drop in framerate?  So much for true 4K...
  • Let's make it easy. A PC running a 1070GTX maxes out at 1440p with high settings at 122fps. With dips to 45. On Killing Floor 2. One X is running at 1800p native with ultra textures, increased shadow resolutions and draw etc etc. The same as Ark Survival. The One X version outperforms a PC with a 1070GTX card. For comparison the PS4 Pro is UPSCALED from 900p to 1800p and has not enhancements to visuals whatsoever on Killing Floor 2. See attend happening? One X is consistantly outperfoming a 1070GTX across numerous games. In fact a 1080GTX is almost identical in performance on these games. Sure you'll try and come back saying the true 4K bollocks, but the fact of the matter is its clearly dependant on the type of game. Even 4K cards on PC aren't doing 4K.
  • Do you have a link to any of this or are you making it up as usual? 
  • Firstly here is the 1070gtx performance at 1440p. Massive fluctuations.
  • Here is the Ps4 Pro at 1800p checkerboard dropping to 30fps.
  • Here is the info where Tripwire confirm PS4 Pro checkerboard 1800p. And confirm native 1800p on One X with increased shadow maps Shadow resolution as well. And they had it up and running in 4 hours.
  • LOL So once again you come with BS.
    Where is the "PS4 Pro is UPSCALED from 900p to 1800p"?
    The PS4 pro video was taken from an unfinished version... LOL
    Here is something for you: The 1070 averages around 50 fps at 4k. Where are the benchmark that says that the XB1x is outperforming the 1070 and it's as good as the 1080?  The true 4k is what MS and you fans used to mock the PS4 pro. But the reality is there are loads of games that are not true 4k.
    There is no denying that! But you can keep damage controlling the true 4K marketing strategy. It doesn't really work... LOL
  • If you knew anything about Checkerboarding you wouldn't be asking the question. You have shown your amateurishness in this subject now. To achieve 1800p checkerboard you use 2x900p images. I guess you learnt something today. Hahahahahahaha. No the 1070 does NOT average 50. Hahahahaha. Multiple proof out there it goes as low as 16fps at 4K on a 1070. And averages around 24fps. Don't worry. Proof incoming. What sort of article is that Toptengamer website. There is now info on that at all. Hahaha hahaha. This squirming by you is exactly what i meant by buthurt Sony fans.
  • you don't need benchmarks to say the one X is outperforming. We have devlelioers confirmation. Ark Survival. Fortnite and Killing Floor 2. You do know Native 1800P is higher than 1440p right? Even with ultra shadows, maps, textures. Yes?
  • "You have shown your amateurishness in this subject now. To achieve 1800p checkerboard you use 2x900p images. I guess you learnt something today. Hahahahahahaha." 
    WAIT WHAT?!?! Are you kidding?
    A console-only gaming company fan, who probably never played a PC in his short life and is just starting to learn about resolution is trying to teach me something about resolution? You really try to stop talking if you don't know what you're talking about. You are proving to be a real clown. HA HA HA HA Ok, since I'm in a good mood I'll teach you few more things. 
    What is 900p? 900p is a resolution of 1600x900 (in pixels).
    What is 1800p? 1800p is a resolution of 3200×1800 (in pixels).
    2 images at 900p doesn't make a 1800p. That's one of the most foolish statement I've read in these forums. The game is rendered at a resolution of 1600×1800 it uses checkerboard technique to expand the resolution to 3200x1800. (1800p) Initially I thought you were just lying about stuff, but that comment make me think that you're actually clueless and don't know what you're talking about. You seriously got to stop this nonsense and educate yourself. You are being seen as a clown when you say the XB1x is outperferfoming a gaming PC with a 1070 and it is almost the same as one with a 1080. The XB1x's GPU has feature derived of a RX 480. You can't believe me? Go watch digital foundry's video on the reveal of the specs (11:50). You know what does that mean?
    Go look at benchmark of the card. It is generally regarded that the XB1x is somewhere between a 1060 and a 1070. The very fact that you're trying to compare it to a 1080 is ridiculous. I don't think I've seen such stupidity in ANY forums for years now. Even die hard MS fanboys on other sites are not insane enough to compare it to a gaming PC with a 1080. LOL Benchmark is crucial if you're comparing hardware. 
    You really stop being a clown and educate yourself.  I mean 1800p checkerboard  uses 2x900p!!! LOL What a clown... :)
  • are you being stupid on purpose??? The developer states " One X is Native 1800p. The PS4 Pro uses checkerboard technique to ACHIEVE 1800p. It's not native 1800p then achieved 2160p via checkerboarding. Your talking out your you on know what.
  • exact quote from Tripwire the developer. It's like you are trying to be an obvious butthurt Sony fanboy. "the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of Killing Floor 2 both run at 1800p but the Pro version uses checkerboarding, where as the Xbox One X version does not.” Do you understand this now? Is that clear for you? I have proved to you PS4 Pro is checkerboarding to achieve 1800p. I have proved to you a 1070GTX averages 24fps in 4K on Killing Floor 2. I have proved to you One X is achieving 1800p native and ultra textures, Shadow resolution and Shadow maps etc. Proving the One X is in line with a 1070GTX or slightly better. Because its simple to work out from 1070GTX 1440p performance compared to the 1070GTX low frame rate at 2160p that at 1800p the 1070GTX would not be averaging 60fps like the One X version. More likely if the 1070GTX dips to 45 fps at 1440p it will drop below 30 at 1800p. As the One X is a controlled environment for gamers, the game won't be dropping below 30fps at 1800p. By the sounds of things at 4K the One X operated near 60fps also. But the developer said there were dips. So its easy to revise it went below 30. All the evidence supports the One X performing better than a 1070GTX. This is called using your brain. Not making stuff up like you have. I've provided you countless proof time and time again. On One X power over a 1070GTX. 
  • here is a further article to help you. Many people including yourself assume when checkerboarding the PS4 Pro is checkerboarding to 4K. We'll your wrong. Many Ps4 Pro games are checkerboarding TO 1800P.
  • WOW!!! You have been exposed with your 900p bs comment so now you are trying to deflect attention on things I've not said. I NEVER SAID It's native 1800p on PS4 pro. I NEVER said it's NOT at 1800p using checkerboard technique!!! Because it is. My comment was about the 900p bs that you made and how you were arrogant about something you were clueless about. I've exposed your 900p bs.
    You don't know what checkerboard is. You think that to get 1800p checkboarrd they are using 2 images at 900p. LOL You have proved NOTHING. 
    I actually showed you benchmark that shows that the game run at 4K and averages 51 fps. The funny thing is that they didn't talk of the framerate on XB1x and you want to make comparisons...-_- I was waiting for you to respond to XB1x's GPU having feature derived of a RX 480. But you chose to ignore that by making up more lies... You are a clown when you're trying to say the console outperforms a gaming machine with a 1070 let alone comparing it to a 1080!! HA HA HA Come on admit that you were wrong about the 900p bs and move on. Don't invent stuff by claiming that I said something I didn't, you clown. Anyway, I think I'm done with you. MS are not really giving us proper benchmarks... But I can't wait to see actual benchmark coming. Please tell me that you'll be here to face me then... I have a feeling, you won't show up when the console release and they actually show what the console is all about. LOL Promise me, you'll be here no matter what...  Anyway, at least you learnt few things with me. For example, to get 1800p checkerboard you are not using 2 900p images... LOL
  • Firstly you've edited your post. You did say it was checkerboarding to 4K. Secondly yes l, the general concesses is 2x900p to reach 1800p checkerboard. 900p is 1600x900. What the Checkerboard rendering is doing is rendering half the pixels, and then using less power to fill in the other half. Over at beyond3d this discussion has been going on for awhile. With alot of research to back up their claims. So where the hardware isn't rendering 2x900p completely at that level, its rendering 1,440,000 pixels and filling in the other 1,440,000. Making the final image of 2,880,000 pixels of an 1800p frame. They have a grid of red squares and green squares. 1 colour is rendered in real time, the other colour is filled in. This is different from Upscaling. Produces better results. So the hardware does this twice. As its easier foe the hardware to render 2 lots of 1,440,000 = 2,880,000 as the assets are of less quality. Then they fill in both renders with the remaining 2,880,000 to reach the checkerboard resolution of 1800p. Or 3200x1800. 5,760,000. The memory on the PS4 Pro is the reason this happens. The memory has not been bumped up. 6 gb for games. its simply bot enough to render more detailed resolutions. Hence the easier option of 2x 1,440,000. The guys at Beyond3D are PC specialist graphics whores. They know their stuff. Thankyou. And goodnight. 
  • its a very long read from the guys, but ill post it for you. They absolutely are NOT rendering ar 1800x1600 and then checkerboarding. Not a chance. There's not enough Bandwidth and memory in the PS4 Pro to do that. 
  • LOL are you dumb? We can't edit post after some time. And by the time you replied my last post 4 hours have passed. There was no way I could edit it, LIAR!!
    Your lies never stops... LOL I'm not wasting time reading too much of your bs. Killing Floor 2 renders at 1600×1800 resolution on PS4 Pro and uses the checkerboard technique to expand to 3200×1800 resolution to present to the screen.  The PS4 upsampling hardware scales up to full 4k resolution (2160p). Nothing to do from your bs "UPSCALED from 900p to 1800p". You didn't reply about coming here when they release actual benchmarks.
    I guess I'm done with you because you're here just to try to get more people to pre-order a scorpio by lying and misleading them. Comparing it to a gaming PC with a 1080. 
    Looks like when actual benchmark arrive you'll run away... LOL
    So bye I'm done with you here...
  • All of this is why I'm not really interested in the XB1X. Play Anywhere makes console gaming less enticing because the exclusives are on PC, where you can pick your input, not pay for online, and go as crazy and expensive as you want for visuals. So, I'll do a new Ryzen PC and stick with my XB1S, unless Microsoft actually does something more exciting than FM7 by itself as a flagship launch (like giving it VR). Why spend another $500 for a console that'll give me visuals I can already pick up on my PC? Also, PC gaming is NOT "always cheaper" for games. If you use Amazon Prime or Best Buy's GCU or trade in physical titles, console gaming can be cheaper, ESPECIALLY for new launcches. I have GCU and can get all new releases for $48, rather than the $60 I'd have to spend on Steam, and I can trade them in for $30-40 within the first couple of months of release, when I've likely completed them and am ready to move on. Steam wins out when you get stuff that's at least a year old, for sure, but it's a letdown on the new launch front.
  • The funny thing that most don't get, its all Microsoft! its like saying my fixed(console) Microsoft gaming device is not as good as my modular gaming device(PC)
  • Yeah but Sony fans would try and argue that till they are blue in the face.
  • What's really funny is that you say that, and then makes 3 posts down playing PC gaming just after that... LOL
  • you mentioned some pros but you omitted the cons of PC gaming, mainly the technical aspect of keeping the thing running. constant driver updates, troubleshooting issues, etc. for those of us that live and breath IT infrastructure and engineering, the last thing I want to is troubleshoot a PC gaming rig when I can pick up a controller press 1 button and my projector, Dolby atmos 7.2 amp, and Sat box power on and I'm off to some good time gaming... Period
  • Rich, how about you write up a how to on putting all the components together including the necessary software required to get all the stuff working including the video/chat stuff. also include steam setup with it. Even a video would be acceptable if you so choose. don't tell me to Google search it since console setup instructions are included in the box. also include info on choosing (how and what to choose) the various components like video cards, WiFi/BT/Ethernet adapters, monitors, CPUs, PSUs, cases, and motherboards. Do a video/writeup on the start from scratch option and one with going with a prebuilt rig. Looking forward to it.
  • Hey Rich, thought I'd take a look on youtube to wrap my head around building something thats better than a console. So far the 2 videos I've watched one from 2013 and a linus tech (build ultimate 4k gaming rig 2014). From the 2 videos I wrote down the part numbers of the motherboards to put on my list and low and behold it appears those mobos are no longer made. One however, Asus X79 Deluxe, as recommended in the Linus video can be found on amazon for $459, Rich, WTF???? are you serious $459 for a 4k capable PC rig, just for the motherboard alone? you said PC gaming is cheaper.. I must be doing something wrong. I anxiously await your how to guide as I really want the best place to play.....thanks
  • It's impossible. If your building a PC purely for gaming to match say the One X for £449. It's impossible. It will cost you £1299 at my build and that's with a 1080GTX graphics card. I could put a 1070GTX in which has 6.4 terraflops but its let down massivley in memory speed at 256/gb sec against One X 326/gb sec. Then there's the OS overhead on PC meaning you won't get the same performance out of similar specs. Maybe next Xmas you might be able to do for £800. But then One X might be £350 by next holiday.
  • @Akira X:
    "I must be doing something wrong"
    Yes, you are. :)
  • I will not buy any console until Sony or Microsoft forces all developers to add Mouse & Keyboard support to ALL NEW GAMES. Yup, that's right. I HATE controllers. Downvote me as much as you want, but those are my reasons for not owning a console.
  • I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to downvote you. We all have different preferences and prefering one way to play over another is ok. The XB fans who are trashing PC gaming here are only doing it to make their plastic box look good. They are promoting their brand. Thats all..
  • Pc is Ms brand. We are bashing price for power. Against the articles claims. Not b saying MS other format.
  • "Pc is Ms brand."  Nope. PC stands for personal computer. Nothing to do with MS. I guess I taught you something else today. LOL