Chime in: Do you really want Windows Mixed Reality on Xbox One X?

Microsoft originally touted VR as a driving force behind the Xbox One X specs, which were supposed to bring high-fidelity VR to the console in addition to 4K gaming. Since the reveal, though, all mention of VR vanished from the related marketing.

Microsoft later clarified that a few things need to happen before the Xbox One X gets VR. Namely, the company needs to add a wireless headset to reduce wiring problems in the living room. The prospect of getting those sorts of features in the near-term seems unlikely.

In a recent post on our forums, Windows Central user Richard Loveridge had an encounter with a PC store employee, who told him a few interesting things about bringing Windows Mixed Reality to Xbox One.

So today i went into PC world in the UK and got to try the Lenovo mixed reality headset. First impressions were great. I had only tried PSVR before and instantly noticed the resolution was so much clearer. No blur whatsoever. And the detail in the visuals was immense. Half way through the space demo I asked the Rep for MS cheekily are they bringing this to Xbox One X next year? His reply was...

Richard Loveridge

Whether this particular store employee had accurate information remains to be seen, but we want to know your thoughts on the subject. How important is VR to you on the Xbox One X? And are you disappointed that it's not already available? Jump into the forum thread and let us know your thoughts.

From the forums: Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox One X

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