Chime in: Will you ditch your Windows phone for an iPhone X?

We don't like bringing it up, but the cold truth is that Windows on phones is basically out to pasture. Many of us will keep on keeping on until the very bitter end, but for folks who've already had their current phones a while, it's getting time to move on.

iPhone X: Hands on with Face ID, Portrait Lighting, and Animoji!

And there will no doubt be a number of you who hung on until the Apple September event to see what was announced before making a decision. That's what we're talking about in the forums.

So, the worst kept secret is official and Apple just announced the iPhone X (pronounced 10 because of course.) Sure, that display is incredibly impressive, but is the rest of the phone really that revolutionary? Face ID looks a lot like Windows Hello doesn't it? How about that wireless charging your old Lumia 920 didn't have?! Jesting aside there are some impressive looking features on it,...

Richard Devine

There's no doubt that the iPhone X is an incredible piece of engineering. But while it may be beautiful, it's not all innovative tech inside. After all, Face ID is very much like Windows Hello, and we've been charging our phones wirelessly for many years.

The iPhone X also costs $999 and up. Yowzers.

Now that we've had the reveal, and we know a little more about it, we want to know if it's the tipping point for you in your search for a new high-end phone. Does it grab you and make you want to make the switch? If so, what specifically jumps out at you? Or are you quietly chuckling and definitely not spending a grand on a new phone.

Hit the forums thread below and let us know what you think.

From the forums: Does iPhone X grab you?

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