Chime in: Does it make sense to keep buying Windows phone apps?

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Now that Windows 10 Mobile is all but dead, is it wise to continue investing in buying apps from the Microsoft Store? Well, that depends on a few things. If you're a Windows 10 user, and the apps you're buying on phone are UWP apps that are available on PC too, then there's no reason to not continue investing in the platform. Your apps run everywhere, whether they be a phone or PC.

However, if the app you're buying is a Windows phone only app, then things get a little more difficult to justify. A Windows phone only app is only going to be available on Windows Phone 8.x or Windows 10 Mobile, which means you won't be able to run those apps on other Windows 10 powered devices. If you're hoping to continue using Windows 10 on the go in the future, I wouldn't invest in any Windows phone only apps right now.

Hello, I have bought a few in 2017, and plan to buy a few more. Mostly to get rid of ads, but also to show support the for the developers that are still working on W10m. Since they range from about $0.99 to $3 - it's not a bank breaker... Most have been tools and video/music editors. Just fun stuff. Anyone else? Any apps that are paid for that are really great? Much better than...


Of course, if you're not planning to leave Windows Phone, then why not? But keep in mind these apps will eventually get left behind, shut down or slowly break over time due to the developer updating things on the server side. Spotity for example, is an app available on Windows Phone, but it hasn't seen any updates in forever and is often crashing and breaking. Not good.

What do you think? Are you still buying app on Windows Phone? Let us know in the forums!

Are you still buying W10M apps?

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