Chime in: What do you think of the Xbox 2017 fall update so far?

The fall 2017 update for the Xbox One adds 1080p game DVR, a new dashboard design, content blocks, Xbox One X 4K game downloads, and many more features to our favorite console.

While the update brings some much-needed optimizations to speed, a new light theme, and other fan-requested features, it adds more "suggested content" to the home screen, which has often been criticized because it adds more advertising to the main dashboard. But what do you think?

We created a forum thread on the Xbox boards because we want to hear what you think of the new dashboard.

The Xbox 2017 fall update is here, bringing tons of new features. Now that it's out to the public, what do you think? Improvement or downgrade? I'll forward the feedback to Microsoft too. :))

Jez Corden

Future updates should include Xbox mouse support, new Avatars, OG Xbox backward compatibility, and more. While we wait, jump in the forum thread and let us know how you feel about it so far.

From the forums: How do you feel about the Xbox 2017 fall update?

Jez Corden
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