Chime in: How often do you get a new phone?

iPhone X
iPhone X (Image credit: Al Sacco | Windows Central)

The phone market is a whirlwind of new releases, battery issues, and camera pixels, and it's quite easy to either get completely caught up in it or completely let it pass you by. Still, if not the entire phone market, most people have a brand or model that they keep in touch with as it progresses.

Our Community Manager James Falconer recently created a thread in the Windows Central forum asking how often you upgrade or switch phones.

Simple question here for the community - how often do you upgrade or switch phones?

James Falconer

It's an easy question and just about everyone has an answer, but there's a lot of room for discussion. Some prefer to hold onto what they have over the course of a few new models — just to see if there are any new issues that arise — while others find themselves in a line outside of a store on the morning of every new release.

What are your reasons, whether for sticking with what you have or for rushing out and buying the newest tech? Drop by the forum and let James (and the others who've already replied) know your stance on the matter!

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