Chime in: Share your vision of the perfect Surface phone

Windows phone fans across the globe are hoping that at some point in the future, Microsoft make a Surface phone. We don't actually know if they will, but hoping and wishing is all part of the fun. So we want to know, what would your perfect Surface phone look like?

I certainly think the next big thing from Redmond will be an Mobile, ARM based, windows 10 device with cellular connectivity. If i could wish what it was: Be able to be put into a pocket. 200grams have upto a 7" screen with 3:4. Be usable with one hand or like a canvas. be able to make phone calls but not have to hold it up to your ear. have a pen for advanced input. Everything else...


Let's try to keep things relatively realistic. Microsoft isn't going to build something that costs $300 and uses tech that doesn't exist yet, so hoping for something like that is just silly. I'm expecting the Surface phone be a hybrid device that costs upwards of $900, features an ARM snapdragon processor newer than the 835, with 4GB RAM and a 2K screen. I hope it runs Windows 10 S, or some kind of locked down version of Windows, too.

That's what I'm hoping the Surface phone will be, but I'm sure you guys all have your own opinions and ideas as to what Microsoft should build. So, I encourage you to check out our forums and chime in with your own ideas. We can't wait to see what you have in mind.

What's your Surface phone vision?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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