Chime in: Should Microsoft open source Windows Mobile?

It's hard to let go of the things you love, and in the case of Windows on phones, for some it's harder than others. Many of us have already moved on, many are still actively using and enjoying their Lumia, Elite x3 or Alcatel Idol 4S.

In the case of our latest forums discussion, what if the mobile part of Windows was open sourced?

EDIT: This poll is about making Windows Phone 8.1 (even partly) open source, and is not about Windows 10 Mobile because obviously that would be impossible due to so much shared code between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Hello guys. I have been around on Windows Central for a relatively long time, and I watched as the platform slowly went to its grave step by step, mostly because of...


Let's be clear: This is basically an impossibility. Windows 10 Mobile is built on the same platform as Windows on the PC, and there is a ton of code in there that Microsoft wouldn't ever send to the open source community. It isn't like Android, where AOSP is just the basic bits and the Android you see on a phone is built on top.

Windows is entirely proprietary and beyond the unlikely nature, you'd also need someone to do something with it. No phone manufacturers have shown much interest to this point and it's a little tough to imagine a fan in their basement making serious strides forward.

Nevertheless, one can dream. If you share the dream, think it's utterly absurd or anywhere in between, hit the forums thread below and join the conversation.

Petitioning to make Microsoft's Windows Phone open source

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