Chime in: Should Microsoft make a Photos app for Android and iOS?

Microsoft has a Photos app out for Windows, but the company has steered clear of releasing a similar solution for iOS or Android. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but since you don't have to use a separate app when viewing photos and other files within the OneDrive app, would it make sense for Microsoft to go all out and release a Photos app as well? Instead of using the default Android or iOS app, you could view all your shots in Microsoft Photos.

Forum member Luke Ashe took to our forum to ask if the company has any plans to release the said app.

Are there any plans or a roadmap that releases a standalone app for iOS/Android that will be Microsoft photos and allows connection to OneDrive storage?

Luke Ashe

While OneDrive does have built-in viewing capabilities for photos, it's no match for alternatives that are either baked into iOS and Android or are offered by third-party developers and manufacturers. Should Microsoft roll out a dedicated app, it would allow those who prefer using the company's products to enjoy a more complete Microsoft experience. We've previously looked at how iOS and Android are important parts of Microsoft's mobile strategy, so it would make sense.

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