Chime in: What are your early thoughts on Kodi for Xbox One?

It has been a long time coming but the Kodi development team is firmly stuck into the new UWP version which is now available as an alpha to try out on the Xbox One.

Anyone can download it from the Store to try out, and we're looking for opinions down in the Windows Central forums.

Now Kodi is back where it truly belongs, on the Xbox One, what do you actually think of it so far? It's a ridiculously early alpha and there's lots still broken (I can't use the NextPVR plugin for example) but generally it's quite impressive. The interface is still really good for a larger screen. What don't you like, or what would you like to see them do before it hits full release?...

Richard Devine

As I've noted in the forums, there are plenty of bugs. I can't use Kodi with my NextPVR setup, for example, to watch and record live TV. There are many known issues right now, too, such as the inability to use a USB hard drive with Kodi.

Whether you're having a good time or bad, like it a lot or have suggestions on where you think it could be improved, hit the forums thread below and let us know how your Kodi time has been.

Early thoughts on Kodi for Xbox One?

Richard Devine
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