Chime in: Which Android smartphone has the best camera?

Those who have been holding on to their Lumias will be met by the time to let go. And for many, one of the first questions they have to ask about getting another phone is where they get another great camera.

That's the topic of discussion right now down in the Windows Central Forums.

I'm looking for an Android Camera phone, one with 21 megapixel or higher rear camera with HDR & RAW support; I don't plan on making a purchase immediately only what is available ?


First, the obvious one: Megapixels don't tell close to the full story. However, if our community member is prepared to be a little more flexible (which honestly, they'll have to be) they'll find that Android is throwing up the best cameras on phones right now.

Personally, I'd have no issues recommending the Google Pixel 2. It may 'only' have a single lens on the rear, but what Google has done with it is simply extraordinary. The portrait mode is entirely based in software, and I think it produces better-looking images than the comparable mode on the iPhone 8 Plus which uses hardware to produce the effects.

Samsung is also well known for producing strong cameras, and the Galaxy S9 is no exception, likewise, the LG V30 also receives strong praise, as does Huawei's new P20 Pro with its crazy three camera setup on the rear.

Our pals at Android Central have made their recommendations, but we want to hear from you guys in the trenches buying these phones and putting them to work every day. What gets your seal of approval? Hit the forums and let us know!

Which Android phone has the best camera?

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